Watch: Miguel taps into his animal spirit in 'Simple Things' video

Miguel ponders an animal attraction in his video for "Simple Things."

Nothing says romance quite like a couple of wolves stalking down Hollywood Boulevard.

That's the case, anyway, in Miguel's video for his song "Simple Things," which the L.A.-based R&B singer posted Thursday on YouTube.

Featured on the recent "Girls" soundtrack album, "Simple Things" has Miguel proclaiming that he's not looking for a model or a debutante, but merely someone with whom he can smoke, lay and laugh.

"I just want the simple things," he sings over a fuzzed-out bass groove, "I just want you."

Now the song's video likens that straightforward desire to a kind of animal attraction; it intercuts scenes of Miguel and the model Gigi Hadid with shots of two wolves as each travels separately from Hollywood to the beach.

You can imagine what happens once they all get there.

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