'Empire' becomes a 'Cookie-nado' phenomenon on social media

Fox’s massive hit "Empire" concluded its first season Wednesday night and, based on the social media reaction, the series is not just a successful prime time soap opera, but a phenomenon of "Sharknado" proportions. Let's call it a "Cookie-nado."

During the finale's airing, the show generated 2.4 million tweets during the broadcast. Additionally, the show generated 15.8 million likes, shares and comments from 4.2 million people on Facebook. The show averaged 16.5 million viewers across its two-hour running time.

The episode -- actually two episodes aired back-to-back -- brought startling revelations (Lucious doesn't have ALS after all!), shocking deaths (Vernon!) and some truly soapy moments (Cookie and Boo Boo Kitty's hair-pulling dust-up was a highlight). And it all ended with Lucious getting carted away to jail by the FBI for a murder he committed years ago.

So what did all those 'Empire' fans think?

Startling revelations

Shocking deaths

Cookie fight!

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