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President Obama to rough it on 'Running Wild With Bear Grylls'

President Obama is going wild. 

NBC announced Monday that Obama will explore the Alaskan wilderness with survival expert Bear Grylls in a special episode of the docuseries "Running Wild With Bear Grylls."

The episode will be taped this week as part of the president's three-day trip to the Last Frontier, intended to bring attention to the issue of climate change. It will air on NBC later this year.

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'I Am Cait' recap: You don't need a man to make you a woman

When “I Am Cait” began, it was clear that the show’s main focus would be on Caitlyn Jenner being confronted with the realities of what it means to live in the world as an out trans woman.

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'Fear the Walking Dead' recap: Families torn apart as chaos grips L.A.

When mob violence erupts as the zombie apocalypse strikes Los Angeles, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) gets separated from boyfriend Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) on “So Close, Yet So Far,” Episode 102 of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead.”

“We need to get away from the city. We need to get away from people,” Travis earnestly tells Madison, reasoning that an escape to the desert is their best chance for survival.

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'The Strain' recap: Kelly and the Feelers attack in 'Intruders'

Here’s a comparison you aren’t likely to find anywhere else, fans of “The Strain.” This week’s episode is just like Mary Poppins -- it’s practically perfect in every way. But, you know, twisted and violent instead of sunny and light.

In short, “Intruders” brings the heat.

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'Hannibal' finale: Why Will Graham will live on for years to come

With “Hannibal” ending, television loses one of its finest examples of how to delve into psychiatric matters and still tell stories that are lush and complicated while upholding the clear-eyed humanity the subject matter deserves.

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The 5 most shocking moments of the 'Hannibal' finale

In lieu of a final review, we decided it would be best to break down the "Hannibal" season finale by its five most shocking moments. For a show that dedicated itself to never being dull, the finale was no exception, and these five scenes are ones fans are sure to remember forever. (Warning: if you haven't seen the show, spoilers are below).

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