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Emmy Contenders: Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson bring 'Broad City' to our city

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, stars of the breakout Comedy Central series "Broad City," stopped by The Times recently to talk about their phenomenally funny show, which just completed its second season.

Topics of discussion included the stellar list of guest stars -- Amy Ryan, Seth Rogen, Patricia Clarkson and Kelly Ripa among them -- that popped up during the season, the movie they're writing right now (it's not for themselves, but some other lucky recipient) and what their "Broad City" characters might do if they found themselves in Los Angeles. (Jumbo's Clown Room and In-N-Out topped the to-do list and, yes, these New Yorkers know about the secret menu.)

We also talked about some of the series' more outrageous moments, well -- as much as we could, given that we don't have a three-second delay here at our television studio.

"We have very different moments when we're shooting that are the most terrifying for us," Jacobson says. "Mine are being naked and Ilana's are not being naked."...

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Friday's TV Highlights: 'Cristela' on ABC

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Grimm Nick and Hank (David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby) are called in to investigate the aftermath of a one-night stand that turned deadly when a man found himself part of a bizarre love triangle in this new episode. Sasha Roiz, Silas Weir Mitchell and Bree Turner also star. 8 p.m. NBC

Hart of Dixie Zoe (Rachel Bilson) makes an important decision, and Wade (Wilson Bethel) tries to take care of everything before their baby is born in the season finale. Tim Matheson also stars. 8 p.m. KTLA

Cristela Trent (Sam McMurray) has an ulterior motive when he picks Cristela (Cristela Alonzo) to sit at his table for the trial of an allegedly racist landlord. He wants to show a minority on the landlord's side, but the strategy backfires. Gabriel Iglesias also stars. 8 p.m. ABC. A second new episode follows at 8:30.


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TV Picks: 'Cancer,' 'S.H.I.E.L.D.,' 'black-ish'

Based on Siddhartha Mukherjee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name, “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies” chronicles humanity’s fight against its most inexorably fatal foe from the time of the ancient Egyptians to current day, which means it includes a lot of complicated science and many deaths, including those of children whose treatment is featured. Though dotted with hope, triumph and the near-miraculous, it does not have a happy ending or an ending at all. While cures or often effective treatment are now available for some forms of cancer, the disease continues to claim the lives of millions.

That includes narrator Edward Herrmann, who was in the final stages of brain cancer when he recorded “Cancer.” He delivers a final performance, equal in breath-taking courage and beauty, that embodies precisely what allows Goodman to explore the staggering numbers and many defeats without ever falling to its knees as defeatist. Underpinning the series is the astonishing human ability...

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'CSI' alum William Petersen is joining 'Manhattan'

Attention "CSI" fans still broken-hearted by Det. Gil Grissom's retirement: William Petersen is coming back to TV.

Aside from his occasional return appearances on "CSI" and other assorted roles, Petersen hasn't been a series regular on anything since 2009. But he'll be part of the main cast of WGN America's "Manhattan" in the drama's second season.

Petersen will play Col. Emmett Darrow, described as an "enigmatic new ranking military officer at Los Alamos" who is also "a deeply religious and patriotic man" who sees himself as anointed by God to bring America's nuclear power across the planet.

Sounds like exactly the wrong person to be anywhere near nuclear weapons.

Petersen has had a long career, starring in Michael Mann's "Manhunter" and William Friedkin's "To Live and Die in L.A." in the 1980s, but his career really took off with the top-rated forensic investigation drama "CSI."

Now, he's transitioning to the well-respected but low-rated cable drama "Manhattan," which is WGN...

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'Game of Thrones' showrunners reveal they're masters of saying nothing

With the runup to the fifth season of "Game of Thrones," series writers and executive producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are out on the promotion trail. But as they revealed to Seth Meyers on "Late Night" on Wednesday night, they have mastered the art of speaking for a long time without actually saying anything.

It's a vital skill to have when you're running a show that relies a lot on its shocking plot twists. Even more vital when that series is set to surpass the stories already revealed in George R.R. Martin's novels and push into new territory.

"We've gotten very good at saying nothing in a thousand different polite ways," Weiss said. "As this show proves."

Benioff related how a 6-foot-7 Dutch Ultimate Championship fighter once buttonholed him at a party and spouted off his own theories as to what he thought would happen in the series.

"I'm scared because I don't want to do anything that's going to be insulting to him," Benioff said. His best response, "Yeah, yeah... maybe!"...

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'Downton Abbey' to end run after sixth season

The time has come to bid adieu to the Crawley family and their mostly humble servants as "Downton Abbey" prepares to end its run after its upcoming sixth season.

After months of rumors, Carnival Films and Masterpiece on PBS, the co-producers of the show, along with ITV, the show's British network home, confirmed the news Thursday morning.

The drama, about dignified aristocrats and their servants, made its U.S. debut on PBS in 2011 and is largely credited with reigniting American fascination with British culture.

During it's run, it has racked up 51 Emmy nominations and has earned kudos as the top PBS drama of all time, and held its own in the ratings against its Sunday night competition. And it has often drawn heat for its roll-out process -- with British viewers getting first rights in the fall before the show makes its way to the U.S. in winter.

“Millions of people around the world have followed the journey of the Crawley family and those who serve them for the last five years," said...

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