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Philanthropist Ladd latest Bill Cosby accuser; Bakersfield show canceled

A philanthropist and former entertainment exec has become the latest in a string of  alleged victims to accuse entertainer Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

The accusation by Cindra Ladd, the wife of former 20th Century Fox President Alan Ladd Jr., came on the same day that the entertainer pulled out of another scheduled concert performance, this time in Bakersfield. 

Cosby has canceled several scheduled dates since the scandal broke late last year, and his Feb. 12 concert at the Fox Theatre would have been the closest appearance to Los Angeles since the controversy erupted.

In an essay posted to the Huffington Post on Monday, Ladd wrote that she first met Cosby in 1969 in New York when she was a 21-year-old single woman working for the late film producer Ray Stark. She said Cosby at that time was a 32-year-old "nationally known performer, and "one of the most likeable and popular entertainers in the business."

Ladd wrote that Cosby asked for her number, and she gave it to him. The two...

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Fox in early talks for live-action 'X-Men' TV series

"X-Men" could be the next major superhero franchise to head to the small screen.

The Times has confirmed that Fox is in early discussions about the possibility of bringing the comic book mutants to its network as a live-action TV series. However, nothing has been signed and no talent is attached.

The mutant characters have appeared in seven feature films from 20th Century Fox, with an eighth, "X-Men: Apocalypse," due in 2016.

With its decades of twisty continuity spread across dozens of characters and multiple titles, the X-Men characters would be ideal candidates for an ensemble series.

Producer-screenwriter Simon Kinberg has been involved with some of the big-screen films and has spoken to the media about his desire to bring the characters to a TV series. However, it's not clear if he or director Bryan Singer would be involved with any series. 

The Fox network currently airs "Gotham," based on characters published by DC Entertainment.

News of growing interest in a live-action "X-Men"...

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John Oliver teases return with 'Fifty Shades of Grey' audition

John Oliver is not happy about Jamie Dornan's casting as Christian Grey in the upcoming movie "Fifty Shades of Grey," but rather than wait until his HBO show, "Last Week Tonight," returns Feb. 8, Oliver released another YouTube exclusive.

Dornan, like Oliver, is from the UK, but most would agree that Dornan is closer to the, as author E.L. James wrote, "epitome of male beauty" than Oliver.

Unfortunately, Oliver disagrees with what he sees as unimaginative Hollywood casting. And he even claims to have begun a social media campaign "#NotMyChristian," which he admits has been misinterpreted by some.

"They found an actor who specializes in handsome," Oliver said. "And I guess what I'm driving at is it hurts not to have been asked."

Yes, the movie has already been shot and edited, and is poised for release.

But nevermind, he went ahead and offered up his own interpretation of the character, a successful businessman with a taste for bondage in the bedroom.

So how did Oliver do? We leave it...

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'Downton Abbey' recap: The Battle of Little Minx

OK, "Downton Abbey," I think it's time we had a talk. 

First, let me say congratulations on your win Sunday at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. No one can argue that the acting on this show isn't top notch, even when the writing isn't, which, well… 

What I'm about to tell you comes from a place of love. We've been through some ups and downs, you and me. Way back in Season 1, you were so charming and captivating, I could hardly take my eyes off of you; then in Season 2 you sort of went a little nuts, but hey, there was a war going on. Seasons 3 and 4 got a little dark, but I went along for the ride.

But now, dearest "Downton," I'm starting to lose my patience. We're halfway through the fifth season and you're starting to feel like "Groundhog Day" with posher accents and prettier costumes.  

Let's start with what's working. Maggie Smith has always been one of the most compelling reasons to watch "Downton Abbey." She's so great at delivering a tart zinger that it's easy to forget that...

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SAG Awards 2015: William H. Macy wins for 'Shameless,' isn't entirely speechless

William H. Macy really wished he had taken the time to stash a piece of paper in his pocket on Sunday night.

The actor, who plays the drunken patriarch in the Showtime dramedy "Shameless," won a Screen Actors Guild Award for performance by a male actor in a comedy series, then went backstage to enlighten reporters about a dreaded moment every actor faces at some point in his or her career.

"I've been doing this for a while," the actor said at the Shrine Exposition Center. "One must write a speech."


He elaborated: "There's a moment every actor will understand: when you go home after an awards show and in your pocket you'll find a speech you never get to deliver because you didn't win."

Well, the one time he didn't put pen to paper worked out in his favor.

"I did not expect to win, so I didn't write a speech!"

And as it turned out, the speech he did deliver was one of the night's more colorful, including the line, "I’ve written so many great acceptance...

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SAG Awards 2015: Viola Davis on diversity: 'We want to see ourselves'

When Viola Davis went onstage Sunday during the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards to accept her award for female actor in a drama series, the 49-year-old African American actress couldn't hide the emotion.

With her role as high-profile law professor Annalise Keating on "How to Get Away With Murder," Davis has been credited with diversifying the portrayal of women on television. And, she said backstage at the SAG Awards, it's roles like these that are necessary in Hollywood.


"The sexualized, messy, outwardly strong, inwardly vulnerable women I know in my life are anywhere from Size 0 to 24," she said. "They do exist in life. To me, that's where you can find the expansiveness of stories.

"We want to see ourselves. We want to be inspired by that. I sometimes want the fantasy, but more often than not, I want reality. I want to feel less alone when I look at TV."

As an inspiration, she credited Cicely Tyson, who was nominated for female actor in a television...

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