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Shonda Rhimes' 'How to Get Away With Murder' sets DVR record for ABC

If Shonda Rhimes really is angry, this should help cool her temper: Her new show "How to Get Away With Murder" just set a DVR record.

ABC's legal drama drew an additional 6 million viewers who watched last week's premiere on time-shifted playback in the first three days after it aired, according to figures published Tuesday by Nielsen.

That is the biggest number of people who have ever watched any telecast in that three-day DVR window. The previous record-holder was the NBC thriller "The Blacklist," which logged 5.6 million back in January.

With the DVR numbers thrown in, "Murder" drew a crowd of more than 20 million, which is a hit in anyone's book.

Rhimes and her shows -- she also oversees "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy" -- have been getting all kinds of attention lately.

In its review of "Murder," the New York Times seemed to refer to Rhimes as "an angry black woman," touching off an uproar in social media, including a can-you-believe-this? tweet from Rhimes herself.

During the...

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Watch: Live chat with 'Walking Dead' star Michael Cudlitz

Things looked pretty dire for Michael Cudlitz the last time we saw him on "The Walking Dead." But then again, when do things not look dire for the actors on that show?

In the fourth season finale of the hit AMC drama, Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, and the rest of the cast had been thrown into a boxcar by a menacing group of people who might or might not be cannibals. 

How are they going to get out of this one? Chances are, we'll get some answers when the series returns for its fifth season on Oct. 12. But in the meantime, we can try to get all the information out of Cudlitz we can.

The actor will stop by the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday at 2 p.m. PDT and will be answering most questions about the series. He's probably not going to reveal if or how he makes it out of that boxcar.

Please tweet your questions for Michael using #askLATimes or leave them here in the comments section.

Follow me on Twitter: @patrickkevinday

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NBA analyst Kenny Smith starts a new game with TBS reality show

Kenny Smith, the former NBA star who has transformed into a popular NBA analyst for Turner Sports, is getting into a new game -- the reality show game.

TBS has greenlighted "The Smiths," a new unscripted series that will feature Smith, his wife, Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith, and their five children. The cable network has ordered six episodes of the series, which is scheduled to premiere next spring.

According to the news release, "The family at the center of 'The Smiths' is headed by Kenny and Gwen, who probably never would have guessed when they got married that their conflicting parenting styles, whirlwind schedules and family chemistry would turn their quiet home into an absolute mad house -- albeit a loving one."

Smith "has just about everything he needs to be considered the Coolest Dad on Earth--everything that is except the ability to impress his own kids," who range in age from 2 to 20, with the older kids having their own successful careers. Meanwhile, his wife, who is a model and...

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Stephen Colbert examines North Korea's cheese crisis

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hasn't been seen in three weeks, and many are speculating his absence has a lot to do with his love of rich cheeses.

On Monday's "Colbert Report," Stephen Colbert tackled the mini-mystery of what exactly is wrong with the elusive leader. The state-run TV service has reported that the leader is suffering from "discomfort."

While no one outside the secretive country can know exactly what is happening inside it, many believe he is suffering from gout, brought on by his love of rich foods, especially cheese. These observers point to Kim's recent weight gain and pronounced limp in recent video footage.

The dictator reportedly developed a fondness for Swiss cheese during his early education in Switzerland. It's an extravagant penchant in a country where food shortages occur regularly.

To make matters worse for Kim, one of France's leading cheese-making schools this year reportedly turned down a request for it to train North Koreans to make the creamy stuff....

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'The Voice' recap: Blind auditions are now twice as nice

Last week, in the first two rounds of blind auditions on “The Voice” this season, what seemed especially remarkable about new coaches Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani was how well they were able to slip into their new roles and play the game, meeting Adam Levine and Blake Shelton on their own terms.

On Monday, however, it seemed clear that this season’s new coaches may actually be changing the game -- making it both nicer (Williams) and more fun (Stefani), lowering the sense of cutthroat competition, and using their own chill vibes to their advantages.

“We’re going to have so much fun,” Stefani repeatedly tells contestants before handing those who choose her sparkly Team Gwen T-shirts, as if she’s inviting them to a slumber party. Williams, meanwhile, can often be heard pointing out things a rival coach can offer a contestant, even while appealing to that vocalist to join his team.

“I know what to do with that” voice, the “Happy” singer told a singer for whom both he and Shelton had...

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'Dancing With the Stars' recap: Movie Night and the end for Couture

Movie Night brought lights, cameras and lots of sparkling ballroom action on the third week of “Dancing With the Stars.”

Actor, comedian and honorary sequin Kevin Hart filled in for an absent Len Goodman as guest judge. Despite his ignorance on anything relating to diaphragms and heel leads, Hart and his positive, infectious sparkle were a natural and welcome fit in this glitterverse, participating in group dances with raucous abandon, presenting each paddle score with rampant enthusiasm (“EIGHTTT!”) and charming the fringe off his fellow judges, dancers and audience alike.

But now that we’re back to the one-day-a-week format, Movie Night concluded with a not-so-happy ending, as we also had to say goodbye to a shining, glittering star -- former UFC fighter Randy Couture and his pro partner Karina Smirnoff.

Perhaps it was inevitable. The mixed-martial arts fighter had come out of the “DWTS” gate strong but had been on a steady slide since, receiving the lowest scores of the night with...

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'Sleepy Hollow' recap: A visit from Franklinstein's reanimated monster

If this episode of Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” had been titled, “Franklinstein’s Monster,” would that have given away too much? Would it have taken even an ounce of fun out of this insanely action-packed hour? Probably not.

It’s a pretty sweet moment when Lt. Abbie Mills puts the name to a creature that Benjamin Franklin, in the Dr. Frankenstein role, stitched together from pieces of fallen Revolutionary War soldiers.

And it’s doubly sweet that Ichabod Crane doesn’t understand the reference. Our hunky hero, a smarty pants Oxford prof, seems to know absolutely everything. But he can’t possibly get the nod to Mary Shelley’s masterwork because he was dead long before it was published in 1818. (Abbie reminds herself to update Crane’s reading list).

Not only does this give a rare hat tip to history – real chronological history, that is, not the supernatural/sci-fi version that fuels the series – but it gently takes Crane down a peg. He’s adorable when he’s stumped.

There are so many major...

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Tuesday's TV Highlights: 'New Girl' on Fox

Customized TV Listings are available here:

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TV listings for the week of Sept. 28 - Oct. 4, 2014 in PDF format

This week's TV Movies


NCIS A Navy lieutenant was murdered before a private meeting he had scheduled with the president in this new episode. 8 p.m. CBS

Selfie In this new comedy an avid tweeter (Karen Gillan) realizes having lots of "friends" in cyberspace isn't the same as having actual flesh-and-blood pals. 8 p.m. ABC

Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr. Tennis legend Billie Jean King discovers that her grandmother was an orphan in this new episode. 8 p.m. KOCE

Manhattan Love Story The gimmick in this new comedy is reminiscent of the scene in the movie "Annie Hall" where the subtext of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton's actual thoughts appeared as on-screen subtitles. Jake McDorman and Analeigh Tipton star. 8:30 p.m. ABC

NCIS: New Orleans Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Rocky Carroll cross over in their...

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Wal-Mart says Tracy Morgan wasn't wearing seat belt during June crash

Tracy Morgan and others in his limousine were not wearing seat belts during a June highway accident that left a fellow comedian dead, Wal-Mart alleged Monday in its response to his lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed in July in U.S. District Court in New Jersey by Morgan and three other survivors of the crash, alleges that Wal-Mart was negligent when the driver of one of its tractor trailers struck Morgan's limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike the night of June 6.

Wal-Mart's response was that Morgan and the others injured in the limo could have avoided being hurt by wearing seat belts.

“Plaintiffs’ injuries, if any, were caused, in whole or in part, by plaintiffs’ failure to properly wear an appropriate available seatbelt restraint device,” Wal-Mart’s Monday filing said. “By failing to exercise ordinary care in making use of available seatbelts … plaintiffs acted unreasonably and in disregard of plaintiffs’ own best interests.”

The retailer also denied or, citing a confidential ongoing...

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'Simpsons' character's death, heavily publicized, leaves fans unmoved

The Grim Reaper visited Springfield for the 26th-season premiere of "The Simpsons" on Sunday. Fans were warned (or perhaps teased) about the death in advance, but that may have been a mistake. Executive producer Al Jean called the death "overhyped" before the episode aired, and he appears to have been right.

No one from the immediate Simpson family met their maker. Nor did any of the beloved Springfield regulars, such as Apu, Police Chief Wiggum or Mr. Burns. The episode's title, "Clown in the Dumps," led many to speculate that Krusty the Clown would giggle for the finale time. Closer, but still not correct.

It was Krusty's father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, who died suddenly in front of his son in the first half of the episode. Voiced by comedian Jackie Mason, Rabbi Krustofski first appeared in the show's third season and has only appeared in a handful of the show's 553 episodes. To call him a major character is a bit of a stretch.

Mason, however, won an Emmy for his performance as the...

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'Once Upon a Time': Season 4's 'Frozen' saga begins with 'Sisters'

After being guided through a Season 3 recap by show creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, Season 4 of ABC's "Once Upon a Time" kicked into gear with "A Tale of Two Sisters," the beginning of the show's "Frozen" saga.

The show's double epilogues from last season's finale -- one introducing Elsa and one reintroducing the Magic Mirror and a revenge-minded Regina -- seem to have outlined the coming season. The first image we get is of Elsa's and Anna's parents and their mysterious disappearance aboard a boat, seemingly lost to a raging storm. They've sent a message home to their daughters, but we don't know what it is.

Fast-forward five years later, in the kingdom of Arendelle, and Anna and Elsa are all grown up, and Anna is soon to be wed. The sisters mourn the loss of their parents but are excited abou the wedding. Anna has a new dress. Sven the reindeer is coming. And Elsa comes across their mother's diary, which says that their parents left on their tragic journey because of Elsa's...

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Anna Gunn moves on from 'Breaking Bad' by heading to 'Gracepoint'

Skyler White is now one with the law.

Or rather, her maker, Anna Gunn, is in the upcoming Fox crime drama "Gracepoint." After her seminal turn playing the role of Walter White's polarizing -- sometimes law-defying -- wife on "Breaking Bad," Gunn is in the midst of navigating the post-"Breaking Bad" portion of her career. So far, it's one that has been marked by a role in the off-Broadway production "Sex with Strangers" and a guest spot on "The Mindy Project," and now comes "Gracepoint."

The limited series, which is an adaptation of the British hit "Broadchurch," premieres Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT and features Gunn as Ellie Miller, half of a detective duo trying to solve the murder of a young boy in a small Northern California town. (The series also features David Tennant somewhat reprising his role from the original.)

We spoke to Gunn about her new role:

I imagine you did some binge-viewing before taking on this project?

I absolutely did. I had the pilot script, or what was the first...

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