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The social justice conversations behind Jesse Williams' BET speech

When “Grey’s Anatomy” actor Jesse Williams took to the BET Awards stage Sunday to accept this year’s humanitarian award, he stunned the Microsoft Theater audience and those watching at home with a passionate speech about, among other pressing issues, the Black Lives Matter movement.

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'Mad Men's' Matthew Weiner talks directing 'Orange Is the New Black's' most gut-wrenching episode yet

A year after Don Draper bought the world a Coke in the series finale of “Mad Men,” his creator Matthew Weiner has returned to television — not as a writer or showrunner but as a director on Netflix’s prison dramedy “Orange Is the New Black.”

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'Outlander' recap: Captain Randall takes a wife

There’s an episode of “The Simpsons” that features a bunch of the kids watching their favorite cartoon, “Itchy & Scratchy.” In the cartoon, Itchy and Scratchy are on their way to a fireworks factory but get distracted from their (awesome) destination. Eventually, so frustrated by the turn of events, Milhouse wails, “When are they going to get to the fireworks factory?”

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Women take control in 'Game of Thrones' season finale

Was there ever such a reckoning?

The Season 6 finale of “Game of Thrones” was the hour (and 10 minutes) in which the women of Westeros began, with great method and no mercy, to settle all family business.

To be sure, the “ice and fire” parentage of Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was the single biggest revelation of Sunday night’s episode.

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Scenes from VidCon: Fans and stars share the joy of mixing and mingling despite tighter security
Tuesday's TV Highlights: 'Zoo' and more


Hotel Hell Newtown, Pa., is Gordon Ramsay’s destination in the new episode “Brick Hotel.” 8 p.m. Fox

Genealogy Roadshow The ancestry-themed series rolls into Los Angeles’ Union Station for its season finale. 8 p.m.

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