U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations reach deal on massive trade accord

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John Oliver: It takes a shooting to 'spark political interest in mental health'

Following last week's mass shooting in Roseburg, Ore., John Oliver turned to the subject of mental health on Sunday's "Last Week Tonight." 

As he noted, portraying a mentally ill person may be a great way to win an Oscar, but otherwise Americans are extremely reluctant to discuss the subject.

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'Fear the Walking Dead' recap: Travis does what a good man must do

Nice-guy-to-the-core Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) struggles to retain his humanity as the zombie apocalypse engulfs Los Angeles in “A Good Man” (Episode 106), the season finale of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead.”

Travis and his girlfriend Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) hurriedly pack food and bottled water so their blended families can escape to the Mojave Desert.

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'Once Upon a Time' recap: Can ex-Evil Queen Regina be the savior?

"Once Upon a Time" enters the fabled kingdom of Camelot in "The Price" episode, and even though there is a celebratory ball with dancing and a bit of puppy love, there's also the near death of a hero and the appearance of a fearsome creature brought to life by good intentions.

First, the dwarfs get a quick spotlight.

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'The Leftovers' recap: 'I didn't try hard enough'

When children are young and their brains are expanding, they slowly come to understand causality and, with that understanding, begin to ask seemingly endless questions about their surroundings. Anecdotally, the most popular question is “Why?”

Once kids understand that there are reasons for nearly everything under the sun, they’re anxious to understand what they are. “Why is the sky blue?”

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'Saturday Night Live' scores high ratings with Hillary Clinton, Miley Cyrus
'The Strain' recap: Hello, Lumen; goodbye, Nora in 'Night Train'

Nora!!!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!!

If there’s one character that’s been consistently levelheaded, caring, loyal and fierce throughout the second season of “The Strain,” it’s Dr. Nora Martinez. She finds her place in the human resistance, gets out from under Ephraim Goodweather’s thumb and becomes a fairly formidable warrior in her own right.

And now she’s gone, and it really hurts.

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