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Chelsea Handler signs off from 'Chelsea Lately' on E!

In one of the most underhyped farewells in recent memory, Chelsea Handler signed off from "Chelsea Lately" Tuesday night after seven years. 

The finale on E! was sparsely promoted ahead of time by the network and just so happened to arrive on a day when Emmys coverage dominated entertainment news. 

But Handler, who will launch a new talk show on Netflix sometime in 2016, made the most of her under-the-radar finale. Three of her besties, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Mary McCormack, stopped by to stage a loving quasi-intervention for their vodka-swilling friend. 

Aniston accused Handler of "stealing" her hairstyle and yoga instructor and questioned her hygiene practices. "There's a reason your stage is so far from the audience," she quipped, while McCormack joked that, "Never once have you let your job get in the way of your drinking problem."

When it was Bullock's turn to roast, she pretended to have mixed up her letter for Handler with one for infamous prankster George Clooney....

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Wednesday's TV Highlights: 'Motive' on ABC

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This week's TV Movies



So You Think You Can Dance Figure skater Tara Lipinski returns to the judges' panel along with Jesse Tyler Ferguson as the top four perform before next week's season finale. Jason Mraz also performs in this new episode. 8 p.m. Fox


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Emmys 2014: Little awards love for big 'Game of Thrones'

Monday night was very good for "Breaking Bad" at the Emmy Awards. Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul and the series itself all won top awards. But all that Walter White love meant the poor, put-upon citizens of Westeros went back to the kingdom relatively empty-handed.

Despite becoming a massive international hit -- it's the most pirated TV show in the world -- "Game of Thrones" took home just four technical Emmys out of the show's 19 total nominations.



An earlier version of this post stated that "Game of Thrones" received 11 Emmy nominations. "Thrones" received 19 nominations.


After winning one back in 2011, Peter Dinklage has come and gone every year without a repeat victory. And he remains the only member of the cast to be recognized by the TV academy.

EMMYS 2014: Full coverage | Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals | Show recap | Quotes from the stars | Best and worst | Winners room | Complete list

The HBO series,...

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Emmys 2014: The 'McConaissance' loses steam, thanks to Bryan Cranston

Going into Monday night's Emmys, most pundits predicted that Matthew McConaughey would clinch the prize for lead actor in a drama series for his portrayal of haunted Louisiana cop Rust Cohle in HBO's brooding murder mystery "True Detective."

The win would have capped off a transformational year for McConaughey, who took home an Oscar in March for his role as a swaggering AIDS patient fighting for access to unapproved drugs in the best picture nominee "Dallas Buyers Club."

The 44-year-old Texan first gained notice in the '90s with roles in the stoner comedy "Dazed and Confused" and the legal thriller "A Time to Kill," but as recently as a few years ago his star had faded after a string of lackluster romantic comedies that traded on his toned physique -- and not much else.

EMMYS 2014: Full coverage | Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals | Show recap | Quotes from the stars | Best and worst | Winners room | Complete list

But with risk-taking turns in such films as...

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Gwen Stefani mispronounced Stephen Colbert's name at the Emmys

When Emmy presenter Gwen Stefani mangled the name of Emmy-winner Stephen Colbert at the awards on Monday night, it wasn't as bad as Adele Dazeem, but viewers still took note.

Stefani was on her second award show in as many days (she was also a presenter at the MTV VMAs on Sunday), so maybe she was a little over-tired when she pronounced Stephen Colbert (rhymes with stare) as "Col-bore."

Back in March, John Travolta earned heaps of scorn after attempting to introduce singer Idina Menzel as "Adele Dazeem." The flub quickly became a dreaded Internet meme.

EMMYS 2014: Full coverage | Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals | Show recap | Quotes from the stars | Best and worst | Winners room | Complete list

Fellow nominee Jimmy Fallon seized on the moment to rush the stage with Colbert and his team.

"She said it wrong, so there must be a mistake," Fallon said.

The real test of whether or not Stefani's verbal snafu will have legs is if Colbert addresses the...

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Emmys 2014: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Bryan Cranston kiss and tell

The bout of tonsil hockey between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston was one of the few matches with an exciting outcome at Monday's Emmys.

When Louis-Dreyfus won the Emmy for lead actress in a comedy series, it hardly came as a surprise. It was her third consecutive win in the category. And maybe one should have expected an amusing gag to accompany it -- considering the humdinger she gave us last year with the aid of Tony Hale, who plays her steadfast assistant on HBO's "Veep."

Yet, the interaction she had with Cranston upon hearing her name called had tongues wagging -- not just their own.

EMMYS 2014: Full coverage | Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals | Show recap | Quotes from the stars | Best and worst | Winners room | Complete list

The seed had been craftily planted under our nose. When the two co-presented an award earlier in the telecast, Cranston reminded Louis-Dreyfus of the time he played her love interest in an episode of "Seinfeld" (Cranston...

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Emmys 2014: 2nd-highest ratings in eight years despite Monday telecast

Considering that the show aired on the last Monday in August, the ratings for the 66th Emmy Awards ceremony weren't bad at all.

An average of 15.6 million total viewers tuned in to NBC's three-hour telecast, according to Nielsen.

That was down 12% compared with last year's show on CBS. But that show took place during late September, when TV usage is higher, and also benefited from a pro-football lead-in.

EMMYS 2014: Full coverage | Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals | Show recap | Quotes from the stars | Best and worst | Winners room | Complete list

NBC scheduled the Emmys on a Monday to avoid conflicting with its Sunday night NFL lineup.

Even so, the ratings were the second-highest since 2006, when 16.2 million tuned in.

Hosted by Seth Meyers, this year's show earned mixed reviews from critics, many of whom found the ceremony tame and the winners predictable. The top comedy and drama programs were again "Modern Family" and "Breaking Bad" -- as they were last...

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Emmys 2014: A night of highs and lows for women

We may be living in "a wonderful time for women on television," as Julianna Margulies observed Monday in her Emmys acceptance speech, an era when there are so many great dramatic roles for women on the small screen that people like Tatiana Maslany and Elisabeth Moss fail to even receive nominations. 

But that doesn't mean television is exactly a bastion of gender equality. Case in point: To many observers, Monday's telecast was marred by a bit in which Television Academy Chief Executive Bruce Rosenblum quite literally put "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara on a pedestal

EMMYS 2014: Full coverage | Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals | Show recap | Quotes from the stars | Best and worst | Winners room | Complete list

The gag seemed designed to bring some levity to the dull yet obligatory awards-show moment when whichever institution happens to be handing out the trophies rattles off its mission statement, but instead it struck many as being unabashedly sexist....

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Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul party late after their 'Breaking Bad' wins

Aaron Paul, who won his third Emmy as supporting actor in a drama series for his portrayal of troubled junkie Jesse Pinkman in AMC's "Breaking Bad," was experiencing another type of high a few hours after the conclusion of the Emmys.

"I feel over the moon," said Paul, clutching his statuette as he made his way through a post-Emmy party hosted by AMC and sister network IFC at Boa Steakhouse.

Paul was a late arrival to the party -- he and other "Breaking Bad" winners had spent much of the night accepting congratulations at the Governors' Ball after the ceremony.

It was Paul's third "Breaking Bad" Emmy.

EMMYS 2014: Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals | Quotes from the stars | Best and worst | Winners room |
The after-parties | Governors Ball

The actor seemed a bit dazed as he roamed the Boa patio -- well-wishers descended upon him from everywhere, and he was separated for a time from his wife, Lauren Paul, co-founder of the charitable Kind Campaign.

Bryan Cranston...

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Emmy snub leaves David Letterman only late night host working Monday

Seth Meyers was hosting the Emmys, Jimmy Fallon was there, as was Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Hardwick and Stephen Colbert. Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" team were nominees. Conan O'Brien and Chelsea Handler were both off. But David Letterman once again went without a single nomination, so he had the only new late night TV show on Monday night.

Don't cry too hard. Letterman has received more than his share of Emmy love over the years, with "Late Show" winning six Emmys since 1993. And over the course of his broadcasting career on both NBC and CBS, Letterman himself is one of the most nominated people ever, with 52 nominations.

But rather than dwell on his lack of Emmy joy this year, Letterman got guest Michael Cera to recount the time he pranked an entire Sundance Film Festival audience and got his poor friend Adam hissed by a room full of strangers.

So what did his friend do? And why did Letterman tell Cera that he "should be banned for life?" 

Find out in the clip above.

Follow me on...

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Emmys 2014: 'The Normal Heart' won 2 out of 16 nods, but he's happy

Ryan Murphy isn't suffering from a broken heart post-Emmys.

The veteran TV producer ("Glee," "American Horror Story") who shepherded the play-to-telepic adaptation of Larry Kramer's Tony-winning play "The Normal Heart" for HBO, strolled into the network's after-party around 11 p.m.--one of many party stops in the night--to celebrate his Emmy gold.

"My heart may be slightly dented, but it's not broken," Murphy told the Times.

EMMYS 2014: Full coverage | Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals

"The Normal Heart," about the early days of the AIDS crisis in New York, had received a total of 16 nominations and had been in contention for nearly every major award in the miniseries/movie categories--many for its all-star cast that included Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Matt Bomer, Alfred Molina, Joe Mantello and Jim Parsons.

In the end, the TV film walked away with two wins, including makeup for a miniseries or a movie (non-prosthetic) and television movie.

"I'm relieved,"...

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Emmys 2014: How'd Seth Meyers do? The critics weigh in

How'd Seth Meyers do in his debut as host of the Emmys? So far, the critics seem to think the "Late Night" comedian was not at all bad, especially considering the degree of difficulty he faced. 

First up, there was a fact that the show, which usually lands on a Sunday in late September, was scheduled for a Monday night in August -- hardly an auspicious time slot -- thanks to conflicts with the VMAs and "Sunday Night Football." But perhaps even more problematic was the feeling of deja vu that plagued the night, when so many awards went to previous winners rather than exciting newcomers such as "Orange is the New Black" and "True Detective."

The Times' Mary McNamara called Meyers "great," noting that his monologue, full of industry jokes about the broadcast-versus-cable rift and this year's rampant category-fudging, provided "insight into the wonderful roiling madness that is television today."

EMMYS 2014: Full coverage | Top winners/nominees | Show highlights | Red carpet arrivals


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