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'Dancing With the Stars' finale recap: The Season 19 winner is ...

After 11 weeks of competition, 2,788 combined hours of training, a lifetime’s worth of spray tan and too many sparkles to count, we finally have a “Dancing With the Stars” Season 19 winner:

Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson!

As the always and forever Carlton said, “Sorry, ladies, dancing is a man’s sport.” The “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star and consummate performer has waited 10 whole years for his shot at the coveted Mirrorball trophy. And now the wait is over. “I cannot believe this,” Alfonso said. “I’ve wanted this forever.”

And really, this was the right choice (and not just because Alfonso will be going on the "DWTS" live tour). The onetime Tap Dance Kid grinned and bore it through back and groin injury to deliver flawless routine after flawless routine with performance factors that were through the roof. Alfonso wanted this so badly he even wrote a rap about it, set to “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Kudos also to Witney for impressively showcasing her partner with such fresh and...

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Wednesday's TV highlights: 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' and more

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This week's TV Movies


Property Brothers at Home You've seen them transforming the residences of other people. Now you can see how siblings Jonathan and Drew Scott — along with their older bro, JD — perform as they attempt a massive makeover on the residence they share in Las Vegas. 9 p.m. HGTV


The Making of Peter Pan Live! As with the live television staging of "The Sound of Music" a year ago, this new special documents cast and crew members preparing for the Dec. 4 broadcast starring Allison Williams as Peter Pan and Christopher Walken as Captain Hook. 8 p.m. NBC

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving In this classic animated special from 1973, pushy Peppermint Patty decides she and the gang will be having Thanksgiving dinner at "Chuck's" house. 8 p.m. ABC

The Whale: Revenge From the Deep This gripping two-hour scripted...

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'Hart of Dixie's' Season 4 premiere bumped up to December

"Hart of Dixie" fans need to reschedule their next appointment with Dr. Zoe Hart: The CW has bumped up the comedy's Season 4 premiere date by a month.

Rachel Bilson, her short shorts and the Southern denizens of quirky BlueBell, Ala., will return to TV at 8 p.m. Dec. 15, a Monday, rather than the previously announced Jan. 9.

The premiere episode, "Kablang," is expected to explain the finale's unanswered questions: What new romantic scheme is Zoe up to now that Wade (Wilson Bethel) decided not to move to Atlanta? And did Lemon (Jaime King) return from the singles cruise with a new man after leaving George (Scott Porter) and Lavon (Cress Williams) hanging at the port?

King also hailed the upcoming episodes as the "best season yet" on Twitter.

The small-town comedy will premiere ahead of the fall finale of the critically acclaimed but low-rated rookie "Jane the Virgin."

"Hart of Dixie" will then go on a brief hiatus and return to its regular 8 p.m. Friday slot on Jan. 9.

It's unclear if...

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'The Voice' recap: Was it really the 'best live show' ever?

Blake Shelton may have been right when he stutteringly declared that “The Voice” top 10 live show on Monday night was the "best live show" he’d seen in seven seasons, which is to say the best ever.

“These performances are unbelievable,” he said. They were. And the unbelievably good performances kept on coming even after he said it.

Who knows what motivated so many of the singers to reach new levels of impressiveness? Was it the guidance of guest mentors Diana Ross (working alongside Pharrell Williams), Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump (Adam Levine), Colbie Caillat (Blake Shelton) or old coach Christina Aguilera? Or was it, perhaps, the presence in the audience of legendary music producer Clive Davis, who had given the top 10 a “master class” in … well, apparently, in Whitney Houston, whom he had ushered to fame?

After Davis heard DaNica Shirey of Team Pharrell sing a Whitney song, he told the other contestants they had their work cut out for them. It was, in fact, Shirey’s exquisite...

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'Sleepy Hollow' recap: Weapon of Moloch destruction

Remember when the Headless Horseman was a terrifying badass? You know, back when he slaughtered Sheriff Corbin right in front of Lt. Abbie Mills? And when even the sight of his silhouette against the night and the pounding of his dead-eyed horse’s hooves made you shiver and shake?


Well he’s been deflated lately, reduced to a minion, errand boy, lovelorn suitor and inept host to his captive houseguest. Poor First Horseman of the Apocalypse. He’s been kind of a dolt, or should we say fop, in Colonialspeak?

Until this week’s episode of “Sleepy Hollow,” that is, when Abraham Van Brunt got his swagger back. Some of it, at least, though he still can’t seem to get the drop on Ichabod Crane in hand-to-hand combat-swordplay or foil the Witnesses’ mission to stop Armageddon. Or does he?

It’s a two-parter, with next week’s episode, “The Akeda,” closing out the fall run of Fox’s supernatural sci-fi-tinged buddy cop drama. Monday’s cliffhanger, dubbed “Magnum Opus,” leaves us not knowing...

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In 'Odd Squad,' math gets nice and weird

When it comes to that added element that can refresh even the most time-worn TV trope, there's nothing quite like a pint-sized cast. If a bunch of chimpanzees could make a cult hit out of "Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp," then imagine the possibilities of real human kids.

"Odd Squad," which premieres Wednesday as the latest addition to the PBS Kids lineup, swipes a premise instantly familiar with anyone who's ever heard of "The X-Files," "Men in Black," "Warehouse 13" or any number of shows about clandestine organizations tasked with investigating the unexplained. Then it replaces the adults with kids. Did I mention the Odd Squad headquarters is all kid-sized too? Suddenly, the whole thing becomes a lot more palatable.

Not a lot of time is spent setting up this premise, a lesson bigger budget franchises would do well to pay attention to. There's a group called the Odd Squad, they check out weird phenomena, all the agents have names that begin with the letter "O." What more explanation do...

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