Adam Levine does a great Michael Jackson impression on 'Tonight Show'

Adam Levine reveals his impressions of Frank Sinatra, Eddie Vedder and Michael Jackson on 'The Tonight Show.'

Adam Levine has proven himself very capable as the singer for Maroon 5 and as a coach on NBC's "The Voice," but who knew the guy had a great Michael Jackson impression in him?

Levine dropped by "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday and played the Wheel of Musical Impressions game with host Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon recently played the game with Dana Carvey, but this time the challenge was a bit harder. It's one thing to chat extemporaneously on a subject in the style of a given celebrity. It's a whole other thing to adapt a singer's voice and style to nursery rhymes.

But Levine took the challenge without reservation, though he did throw out the qualifier that he wasn't as good of a musical impressionist as Fallon.

It's true, Fallon has demonstrated his chops with dead-on Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young impressions, but Levine started off well with a great Frank Sinatra.

But then he got Michael Jackson singing the "Sesame Street" theme, of all things. The Roots started up the music, and for a moment it appeared Levine would be defeated. But then he busted out one of the best, yet not overly obvious, Michael Jackson impressions in a long time. Forget the cartoonish "Hooo-s!" This is Jackson in his prime.

Fallon performed a couple of songs, too. In the styles of Bob Dylan and Iggy Izaela. 

But then Levine swept back in with a masterful Eddie Vedder singing "The Muffin Man."

Even if you aren't a Maroon 5 fan, you have to respect those singing chops.

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