AT&T launches superhero series for Snapchat

AT&T launches superhero series for Snapchat
The photo messaging app Snapchat will play host to a scripted series from AT&T titled "SnapperHero." (Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images)

Think you've reached your limit for new scripted content outlets or superhero stories? AT&T doesn't think so. On Wednesday, the telecom giant announced the first scripted series to be distributed through the Snapchat photo messaging application. And it's a superhero series.

"SnapperHero" will star Anna Akana, Freddie Wong, Harley Morenstein, Jasmeet Singh, Simone Shepherd and Shaun McBride, who will also serve as the project's creative director. Nothing has been revealed of the plot.

The company says "SnapperHero" will utilize the stars' fan bases and the fan bases of other "influencers" to create the world of the series, including costumes, origin stories, enemies and story lines.

The series itself will consist of 12 episodes released over a four-week period in early 2015 with all the episodes living on Snapchat. According to Variety, the episodes will be available for 24 hours before disappearing, much like all the regular photos that get sent by the app.

There's been a virtual tsunami of scripted programming in the last couple of years, and for a public just getting used to the idea of new shows being available on Amazon, the AT&T announcement may leave them excited, scratching their heads or both.

On the plus side, there's been no word of a "Snapchat Cinematic Universe," so this project seems managable. For now.

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