Benedict Cumberbatch brings more sexy to R. Kelly's 'Genius'

The guests on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday were "Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch and R&B singer R. Kelly. So Jimmy Kimmel decided to bring them together in the best possible way: by having Cumberbatch recite the lyrics to R. Kelly's new single, "Genius."

The results are, well, genius.

The song comes from Kelly's new album, with the subtle title "Black Panties." The song itself is all about a man who fancies himself a sex genius. Kelly said the title came to him during a live show when a pair of black panties landed on his microphone. He saw it as a sign.

Cumberbatch, seated on a stool under a spotlight, lavishes his Britishness all over Kelly's song all about sex. And if you thought the song was sensual before, just wait until you hear it delivered with a throaty baritone in low light. Surprisingly, it becomes both sexier and sillier all at once.

Marvel at Cumberbatch deliver lines such as "Go to sleep. And when we wake up, Imma hit that thing again." or "Body's so freakin' soft. I can't wait to turn you on. You got me la la la la, baby."

Shakespeare couldn't have put it any better himself.