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Bryan Cranston reveals his vocabulary gap on 'The Tonight Show'

Bryan Cranston doesn't know what 'badonkadonk' means, much less how to pronounce it

Bryan Cranston can act up a storm, including his current run on Broadway as Lyndon B. Johnson in the play "All the Way" and in the upcoming summer blockbuster film "Godzilla." But even the man who was once Walter White has a few gaps in his education, which he inadvertently revealed on Monday night's "The Tonight Show."

Cranston was on to promote "Godzilla" and played the Word Sneak game with host Jimmy Fallon.

Word Sneak, for those not familiar with this "Tonight Show" bit, involves five secret words given to each player. During the course of their five-minute late night chat show banter, each person must attempt to work those words casually into their conversation.

Of course, giggly Cranston and even gigglier Fallon make no attempt to disguise the fact that they're trying to say silly words. But then Cranston gets to a word he obviously doesn't know and manages to mangle it pretty spectacularly. The word is "badonkadonk" and it's slang for a woman's curvaceous behind.

But the way Cranston pronounced it, Fallon suggested sounded like a Native American word.

Perhaps he needs to listen to Trace Adkins' "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" to become more familiar.

And maybe in "Godzilla 2" we could one day hear the immortal line, "Look out! Don't get smooshed by Mothra's badonkadonk!"

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