Conan O'Brien airs 'very rare footage' of Jesus' domestic life

Is "Oh, Jesus" really a new series on TBS

No, but it is part of the mini-sketch Conan O'Brien aired on his show Tuesday night riffing on the news that an ancient papyrus scroll had been discovered with purported proof that Jesus had a wife.

"We have something better than a 'scroll' to prove that Jesus was married," O'Brien told the audience. "Don't ask us how, we actually have very rare footage."

He couldn't even get through the set-up without laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

So in O'Brien's "footage" we see Jesus and wife in not exactly domestic bliss.

Interesting facts to note for Christian historians: Jesus' wife apparently called him "Jeez" around the house. And was not a fan of his miracles, at least when applied to domestic chores.

She apparently had no problems with Jesus turning water into chardonnay.

And in case there's any confusion, this is all a comedy bit. No footage exists. At least, none that O'Brien is willing to show us.