Craig Ferguson going out with a 'Bang' tonight

Craig Ferguson going out with a 'Bang' tonight
Video: Craig Ferguson and friends performed "Bang Your Drum" to open his final show.

Thursday night, Stephen Colbert signed off from "The Colbert Report" for the final time. Friday night, it's Craig Ferguson's turn on "The Late Late Show." And similarly  to Colbert, Ferguson recruited a lot of guests to help send him off.

While Colbert assembled a who's who of political, media and entertainment celebrities in his studio to help him sing "We'll Meet Again," Ferguson is kicking off his final show with a music video, above, featuring celebs banging on drums and lip-syncing to Scottish band Dead Man Fall's song "Bang Your Drum."

So who all banged their drums for Ferguson? You have to look fast, but there's William Shatner, Marion Cotillard, Pierce Brosnan, Kat Dennings, Cedric the Entertainer and more.

Ferguson is signing off after 10 years on CBS following David Letterman. With Letterman leaving the "Late Show" in May, Ferguson is departing his "Late Late Show" for other gigs.

The new "Late Late Show Host," James Corden, will begin his run in March, with Colbert taking over on the "Late Show" sometime after Letterman's May 21 final show.

Ferguson did his part to shake up late-night traditions by changing the order of his show, sometimes doing the monologue in the middle of the broadcast. He also famously didn't rely on prepared interview points and let chats with his guests go wherever they ended up.

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