George R.R. Martin offers face time and more for charity donations

George R.R. Martin offers face time and more for charity donations
Author George R.R. Martin is offering up a chance to hang out with him for a day. (Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to sit down and chat with the man who created Westeros or have him describe your brains getting popped out the top of your skull by a hulking man-mountain (or some similar ghastly fate), then now is your time.

George R.R. Martin is raising money for two of his favorite charities, the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and the Food Depot of Santa Fe. And to entice people who may never have set foot in New Mexico, the author of the much beloved "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels (basis of the HBO series "Game of Thrones") is throwing in the kind of prizes no self-respecting fan could easily turn down.

For a $20,000 donation, two fans (one male and one female) could actually be written into one of the two remaining "Ice and Fire" novels. Martin promises they'll be able to select their status (lord, peasant, etc.), but the means of horrifying death will probably be left to the master himself.

Other prizes include a breakfast with Martin, the gift of Martin'a ubiquitous Greek sailor's cap, two tickets to the "Game of Thrones" Season 5 premiere and a script of the first episode signed by the cast and crew.

Fans without Lannister-like deep pockets can donate $50 and get a T-shirt.

But everyone who donates will also be entered into a contest with a prize being a day with Martin himself.

As Martin described it in a video on the Prizeo website, which is running the drive, "Fly you in from anywhere in the world to Santa Fe, New Mexico, my hometown. We'll have a great dinner together. The next day we'll take a helicopter ride from Santa Fe right here to Candy Kitchen [New Mexico], we'll visit the sanctuary, we'll see the wolves, and along the way we can talk about dragons, direwolves, 'Game of Thrones,' 'Song of Ice and Fire,' 'Wildcard,' anything you want to talk about."

On the website, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is described as a nonprofit that houses over 60 wolves and wolf-dogs. There's even a group of nine wolves called the "Westeros pack."

The Food Depot is described as providing food to 134 not-for-profit agencies.