Jane Goodall makes a monkey out of Stephen Colbert

Usually, Stephen Colbert asserts his dominance over his guests. It's how he's become a late night superstar and has landed at the top of many viewers' wish lists to replace David Letterman on CBS. But Tuesday night, it was famed primatolgist Jane Goodall who showed Colbert how to behave.

"If I were a chimp that you were meeting for the first time, would there be something different about your body language right now?" Colbert asked.

Ever game, Goodall said she'd demonstrate and had Colbert stand up and assume an ape-like posture. But when trying to make a joke, Goodall showed she was in charge of this jungle.

"You stand, you do what I tell you," Goodall commanded. Then she waved her hand at him. "You mustn't make a sound. No sound from you."

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Then Goodall proceeded to work her way into Colbert the Ape Man's heart and ended it with a hug.

"Are we going steady now?," wondered Colbert when they got back to the desk.


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