Jerry Seinfeld reveals who does his favorite Seinfeld impression

Jerry Seinfeld reveals who does his favorite Seinfeld impression
Jerry Seinfeld does stand-up on "The Tonight Show."

Jerry Seinfeld's distinctive cadence and nasal voice are easily imitated. In the course of his decades as a stand-up and sitcom star, he's doubtless encountered dozens if not hundreds of would-be Seinfeld impressionists. He doesn't immediately seem like the kind of guy who enjoys seeing people try to talk like him.

But it turns out there's one impression Seinfeld enjoys so much that he actually changes his voice to imitate the impression.

The comedian appeared "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday and disclosed that Fallon's impression of him is the only one he likes.

"I love having you next to me," Fallon said. "I end up turning into you."

"You're the only impression of me that I really like," Seinfeld said. "It doesn't sound like me."

Seinfeld also did the classic five minutes of stand-up on "The Tonight Show," something he hasn't done in a long, long time. It was doing five minutes on "The Tonight Show" that gave Seinfeld his major career boost in the 1980s, so it only makes sense that he'd return to do a bit more.

"You know how much I'm getting for this set?" he asked the audience. "I'm getting $503. Barely worth it."

But he did joke that the IRS man was waiting there to tax him already, since everyone in the audience had just received 50-inch TVs.

The audience members didn't seem to care. Seeing Seinfeld do stand-up these days is a rare thing. They're more likely to see Fallon doing his Seinfeld impression.

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