Jimmy Fallon finally has his duet with Neil Young

Jimmy Fallon finally has his duet with Neil Young
Neil Young and Jimmy Fallon perform "Old Man" on "The Tonight Show."

Most everyone agrees that Jimmy Fallon does a fine impression of Neil Young, but on Tuesday's "Tonight Show," fans got to see just how great that impression was when Fallon teamed up with Young himself.

Fallon, who is doing a week of shows from Los Angeles, came on stage first, dressed in a wig, wide-brimmed hat and brown jacket. A classic Young look. And he was performing Young's 1972 hit, "Old Man," playing guitar and hitting the notes pitch-perfect.

He's done this before, singing Willow Smith's hit "Whip My Hair" as Young alongside the real Bruce Springsteen. And a cover of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song.

And he's even done a Springsteen impression with the Boss himself.

But despite having been a guest on the show before, Young has never matched his own singing with Fallon's. Until now.

The result: Proof that Fallon's impression is nearly perfect. Close your eyes and try to figure out who sings what. It'll be hard.

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