Jimmy Fallon introduces Julia Roberts to 'Face Balls'

Jimmy Fallon introduces Julia Roberts to 'Face Balls'
Jimmy Fallon plays "Face Balls" with Oscar-winner Julia Roberts.

Jimmy Fallon plays a lot of games on "The Tonight Show," but to keep things fresh, he can't just play the same game over and over again. Sometimes, they're good ideas (lip sync competitions are always fun) and other times they're "Face Balls."

What are the rules of "Face Balls?" They weren't too clear. Two chairs, a series of inflatable clear beach balls in increasing sizes and Oscar-winner Julia Roberts were needed. But as far as actually playing the game, one could either sit or stand and throw the ball at the other's face. Then watch it in slo-mo replay.

Roberts seemed a bit confused by the whole set-up, but once she got to see herself reacting to getting hit in the face, it all became a lot of fun.

One particular highlight is seeing how Roberts' upper lip apparently wants to leave her face and take off with the ball immediately after it hits her face.

While the ground-rules may need a little more refining, here's hoping Fallon keeps this game restricted to Oscar-winners only. Lesser stars would only make the game undignified.

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