Jimmy Kimmel tries, fails to stump 5-year-old presidential expert

Looking ahead to the July 4th holiday, Jimmy Kimmel got into the patriotic spirit Tuesday night by welcoming to his show Arden Hayes, a 5-year-old whiz kid with encyclopedic knowledge of American presidents.

Kimmel tried, but failed, to stump little Arden, who was not only able to correctly identify Chester A. Arthur and Warren G. Harding (“one of our worst presidents…he gambled away the White House china”) but also rightly pointed out that George Jefferson -- a.k.a. Sherman Hemsley – was never president, even if his name sounded presidential.

Arden also accurately fielded questions about the fattest president (Taft), the first to appear on television (FDR) and the only president born on the Fourth of July (Coolidge).

Arden stumbled on just one question: Who was the first president to have a bowling alley in the White House? Though he guessed Nixon, apparently the correct answer was Truman, as an audience member who surely must have been planted there by Doris Kearns Goodwin pointed out with a wee bit too much self-satisfaction.