Julia Collins' record-setting 'Jeopardy' streak comes to an end

Julia Collins' record-setting 'Jeopardy' streak comes to an end
Julia Collins, here with "Jeopardy" host Alex Trebek, was defeated in her 21st appearance on the quiz show, giving her the second-longest winning streak in "Jeopardy" history. (Jeopardy Productions Inc.)

A record-breaking "Jeopardy" winning streak has come to an end.

Julia Collins won 20 straight appearances on the long-running game show before losing on her 21st appearance, which aired Monday.

Collins' 20 wins have made her the most successful female contestant on the program and second-most successful contestant of all time, behind Ken Jennings.

While Collins didn't come close to Jennings' astonishing 74-game streak in 2004, she still netted an impressive pile of cash that totaled $428,100.

Collins went into Final Jeopardy in second place, $1,600 down from the eventual winner, but she got tripped up by the final answer in the category Oscar-winning Writers: "Winning for 1999, this New England writer is the last person to win an Oscar for adapting his own novel." The correct response was "Who is John Irving?" but Collins wagered all her money and guessed Michael Chabon.

"Well done, young lady," Trebek told Collins after her defeat. But don't expect the Chicago-area resident to just ride off into the sunset. She'll be back for the "Jeopardy" Tournament of Champions next season.

Collins told the Associated Press that she used part of her winnings from the pre-taped show to fund a monthlong trip to Paris and plans more travel.

The Irishman who defeated Collins, Brian Loughnane, will continue his reign on Tuesday.