'Orphan Black' gets return date on BBC America

'Orphan Black' third season teaser shows Tatiana Maslany, male clones

"Orphan Black" fans are on a roll. Just a week after series star Tatiana Maslany received her first SAG Award nomination for her stand-out performance as multiple clones, they're getting a first look at the upcoming third season.

And it shows off just a bit of what Maslany does best: disappearing into the many different clone roles. All while teasing the upcoming showdown with the bad guys the new season.

The teaser shows Ari Millen as the recently revealed male clones, who will play a big part in the upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, Maslany will be playing at least four clones in the new season, and possibly more. That's the thing about clones: there's always more of them.

Maslany's performance on the show has been widely praised, but the SAG Award nomination is the first major acknowledgement of her work here.

The new season debuts on BBC America on April 18.

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