Sacha Baron Cohen: 'Borat,' 'Ali G' star makes sexy time in FX deal

Sacha Baron Cohen: 'Borat,' 'Ali G' star makes sexy time in FX deal
Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat on "Da Ali G Show." (Todd Shulman)

The man behind Borat is getting ready to make sexy time with FX.

Sacha Baron Cohen, British star of "Borat" and "Da Ali G Show," has clinched a first-look deal with the production arm of the cable network through his company Four by Two, FX announced Friday. 

In addition, FXX - the sister network of FX - will start airing "Ali G: Rezurection," which includes every episode of the popular comedy series along with new episodes and some material never seen before in the U.S.

"Da Ali G Show" starred Baron Cohen as a dimwit dressed in hip-hop garb who waylays celebrities with asinine questions (as with author Naomi Wolf in the clip below). The series was made for Britain's Channel 4 and later ran on HBO.

Baron Cohen expanded a character seen on the show into "Borat," a 2006 film smash in which he starred as a Kazakh journalist who lands in one mess after another after traveling to America to have "sexy time" with Pamela Anderson.

The FX Productions deal gives the network first dibs in the U.S. on any new series that Baron Cohen's company comes up with.

In 2012, Baron Cohen costarred in "Les Misérables."

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