'Scandal's' Bellamy Young talks face-licking and Mellie's 'hooch'

Video: @BellamyYoung of @ScandalABC talks getting tipsy, face licking and getting Mellie's groove on

Amid all the eye-bulging deaths, face-licking and wrist-gnawing in the third season of ABC's "Scandal," there was one type of GIF that kept on giving: tipsy Mellie Grant.

The first lady cupping a glass of booze was a constant sight as the character dealt with the many heartaches and blows that revealed themselves over the course of the season -- almost always in relation to her hubby, Fitz. During a recent visit to The Times, actress Bellamy Young talked about her character's penchant for liquid courage -- and isn't the least bit surprised by her alcohol of choice.

"Hooch, baby, hooch," she said. "Mellie doesn't play. She goes to the source."

Young said the exploration of Mellie in that less-inhibited state was a thrill. And with the death of the first couple's son, Young isn't sure what's in store for Mellie's sobriety.

"I don't know what's ahead," she said. "We tried to put her drinking down once we lost our son. I loved how Fitz took care of me in that."

She continued: "I have loved drunk Mellie so much. I mean, I love pregnant Mellie too, don't get me wrong. When she's drunk, all bets are off. It's so fun to see her be that girl. And you see a little bit more of maybe why they got together or how they got together, 'cause otherwise you're like, how did they even kiss?"

The spirited conversation also touched on what it's like to have admittance to Shondaland -- we can confirm that there are "unicorns" and "clouds of rainbows" -- straddling the "jump the shark" line and Mellie getting her groove on. Check it all out in the video above.

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