'Sharknado' sequel? Syfy plans 2014 follow-up to viral sensation

'Sharknado' sequel? Syfy plans 2014 follow-up to viral sensation
Ian Ziering takes on an airborne shark in "Sharknado." (Syfy)

Syfy is wading back into "Sharknado" infested waters. The cable channel's surprise viral sensation is getting a sequel -- or prequel -- to debut in 2014.

"Sharknado," starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, is the latest low-budget science fiction thriller to debut on Syfy, which has been host to such films as "Sharktopus" and "Malibu Shark Attack." But somehow, the film's absurd premise, about a tornado picking sharks up from the ocean and spinning them above the streets of Los Angeles, bringing serrated death from the skies, caught on with social media.

During the film's July 11 premiere, 318,232 tweets relating to "Sharknado" were sent, with 5,000 tweets per minute at the height of the frenzy. However, despite the intense social media interest, the movie drew only an average of 1.37 million viewers.

Still, it's one of the first times that Syfy's low-budget productions have broken through into the mainstream consciousness. Therefore, it's not surprising that a "Sharknado" follow-up is in the works, to be produced by Asylum, purveyors of many a low-cost, drive-in-quality mockbuster.

The film could be either a sequel or a prequel, according to Thomas Vitale, Syfy's executive vice president of programming and original movies. He did reveal that it would bring the "Sharknado" party to the East Coast, with the deadly sharks terrorizing New York City.

Additionally, the channel is opening up the titling of the film to fans. Should it be "Sharknado 2: More Sharknado-y?" or "Sharknado 2: Electric Boogaloo?" or perhaps "2 Sharknado 2 Furious."

Fans are being encouraged to submit their suggestions via Twitter to @Syfymovies.