Shepard Smith unveils hi-tech 'Fox News Deck'

Shepard Smith unveils hi-tech 'Fox News Deck'
(Fox News)

Fox News unveiled its new hi-tech newsroom set, called the Fox News Deck, in a video posted Monday. And among the new bells and whistles are what appear to be giant iPads that the staff will use to gather news.

Actually, the large 55-inch touchscreen monitors are what Smith calls BATS (big area touchscreens), and they're just one of the flashy gadgets the new set will feature when it debuts with "Shepard Smith Reporting" on Monday afternoon. Smith also revealed a Wii-like controller wand that lets him manipulate the images on the set's 38-foot video wall.

Other screens promise real-time displays of Twitter feeds and other social media.

However, almost as soon as the video was released, media watchers were already weighing in with their first impressions of the new set.

Mashable reporter Seth Fiegerman tweeted, "Either Fox News just bought a bunch of gigantic iPads or they employ very, very tiny people."

Writer Nathan Ditum went even further with the imagery, writing, "New Fox News studio solidifies channel image as Wonka factory of right wing missives staffed by info Oompa Loompas."

American Prospect columnist Matt Duss chose to play up the science-fiction look of the set with his comment, "Shep Smith will now demonstrate the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station."

And Business Insider reporter Josh Barro snarked, "Shepard Smith lost his prime time slot but will now be reporting throughout the day from the Holodeck."

Will the new set be a hit or a folly? Only the ratings will tell.