Survey says 'Breaking Bad' is still the most binge-watched TV show

When it comes to TV that causes you to sit unmoving on your couch for hours at a time, "Breaking Bad" is still the king. That's according to a new study released by TiVo on Wednesday. 

The company polled 15,196 TV watchers and discovered 91% of them said they binge-watched TV, which is defined as watching three or more episodes of a series in a single day.

The most popular show to binge watch? AMC's "Breaking Bad," which was picked as the favorite by 35% of respondents. It was also the most binge-watched show according to another study TiVo released in January.

The second most binge-watched show was "House of Cards," which was selected by 29% of respondents. Other favorites include "Game of Thrones," "The Walking Dead," "Downton Abbey," any of the "Star Trek" series, "Homeland," "Mad Men," "Doctor Who" and "NCIS," which currently has the distinction of being the most-watched drama in the world.

Around 40% of respondents said they had binge-watched in the past week and 69% said they'd done it within a month of taking the survey.

The study also looked into the habits of so-called "super-bingers" who watched an entire season or more of a single show over just a few days. The study found 14% had done it in the past week and 23% had done it between a week and a month prior.

Clearly, America is a nation with a lot of free time on its hands. Lucky for us, there are currently 11 seasons of "NCIS" to catch up on.

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