Talking TV: Discuss the 'Doctor Who' season premiere

Talking TV: Discuss the 'Doctor Who' season premiere
The Time Lord returns, regenerated and renewed for a new season of BBC's "Doctor Who." Fanboy Comic's Drew Siragusa and NPR's Eric Deggans join The Times' Patrick Day and Mary McNamara to discuss the premiere.

This weekend, Whovians everywhere took a "Deep Breath." Now it's time to exhale and discuss.

On Monday at noon PDT, Times TV critic Mary McNamara and TV reporter Patrick Kevin Day will talk about the eighth-season premiere "Deep Breath" and share their thoughts on Peter Capaldi's first spin with the TARDIS.

The new season premiered on BBC America on Saturday night and in theaters at special midnight screenings in 12 cities in the U.S.

NPR TV critic Eric Deggans and Drew Siragusa of Fanboys Comics will also join the discussion as they examine all the strange new twists in the adventures of the newly regenerated Doctor and his companion, Clara (played by Jenna Coleman).

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