Emmy Contenders Chat: 'The Fall's' Jamie Dornan on Monday

Emmy Contenders Chat: 'The Fall's' Jamie Dornan on Monday
The actor who caused 50 shades of excitement in theaters joined us live in the newsroom to discuss his show "The Fall" and what it's like to play a monster.

He plays the devil in the details.

Before Jamie Dornan made his debut as kinky billionaire Christian Grey in the big-screen adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey," the 32-year-old Irish actor was playing another guy with a fetish -- one with a more deadly effect -- in the BBC's psychological crime thriller "The Fall."

In the Belfast-set series, which is also available to stream on Netflix, Dornan plays Paul Spector, a father and husband who moonlights as a serial killer who charms and seduces women -- and has a fetish for tying them up before killing them.

And he'll be joining us for a live video chat on Monday at 1 p.m. PT to discuss the killer role, which finds him starring opposite former-and-upcoming "X-Files" queen Gillian Anderson, who plays the police detective charged with catching him.

It may just be a hunch, but we imagine Dornanites might have a question or two. Questions can be submitted on Twitter at #askLATimes or by putting them in the comments section here. And for those who can't watch live, don't fret! The video will live on within this post and elsewhere on latimes.com.

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