With 'Daily Show' host leaving, Twitter suggests #JobsforJonStewart

With 'Daily Show' host leaving, Twitter suggests #JobsforJonStewart
#8220;I’m going to have dinner on a school night with my family,” Jon Stewart said of his plans for life after “The Daily Show.” (Rick Kern/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

During his announcement Tuesday night that he was planning to leave "The Daily Show" sometime this year, Jon Stewart said "I don't have any specific plans" for a post-"Daily Show" life other than getting dinner on a school night with his family.

Into that void jumped the helpful men and women of Twitter to create the hashtag #JobsForJonStewart, an assemblage of suggestions for what the comedian could do with his time when his 17-year run on the Comedy Central show comes to an end.

Compared to the other late night guys, Stewart is a relatively young 52 and he's still got many productive years ahead of him. So what exactly could a former late night host do once the late night host part is taken out of him?

Well, there's the obvious, as one Twitter user helpfully demonstrated with a Photoshopped logo: "NBC Nightly News With Jon Stewart."

One conservative Canadian suggested he could be Bill O'Reilly's errand boy.

Some said he could be a Fox News fact checker or a Brian Williams fact checker.

One said he could open a nice delicatessen in Florida, which oddly, would probably be the most appealing choice for Stewart.

And then the suggestions got weird. Randy Quaid's life coach?

Killer BOB in the "Twin Peaks" revival?

In a rare bit of meme crossover, one offered "Left Shark Understudy" (see: Bowl, Super).

What other gigs can people scrounge up for a soon-to-be-unemployed comedian? Twitter never seems to run out of helpful tips.

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