Ricky Gervais bleeps-out on 'Piers Morgan Live'

Ricky Gervais bleeps-out on 'Piers Morgan Live'
Ricky Gervais had to be censored on Piers Morgan's show (Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times)

One of the challenges of writing about – and quoting – comedians, we here at Show Tracker have found, is that you typically can't use the (often foul-mouthed) best stuff they say.

It seems that Piers Morgan had the same problem.

Morgan's interview with Gervais on Friday night spanned religion, gun control, Twitter, and even Gervais' own weight. (He's "thinner than ever" if anyone's wondering.)

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But a decent chunk of what Gervais had to say to the British journalist was bleeped out by CNN.

“What’s a joke you would tell on your death bed?” Morgan asked.

“Um,” Gervais chuckled, “Why does Piers Morgan wear a pink tie?”

“What’s the answer?” Morgan asked.


They both cracked up. And so it went.

Here’s a clip of the seemingly bleeepin’ hilarious video.