Roll over and say 'good morning' to Sleepy Jones

Roll over and say 'good morning' to Sleepy Jones
Pieces in the inaugural Sleepy Jones collection include (clockwise from bottom left) women's pajama-inspired shirts ($136), men's repp stripe boxers ($38) and a thigh-grazing women's shrunken robe ($148). (Sleepy Jones)

Sleepy Jones, the new line of luxe whimsical men's and women's loungewear by Andy Spade and longtime collaborators Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri, has finally rolled out of bed -- and it's so much fun you might want to plump the pillows and jump right back in.

The Kate Spade co-founder first mentioned the label a few months back while we were working on a profile of the fashion-branding juggernaut, but was short on specifics -- beyond describing it as artist-inspired line of "not-quite-ready-to-wear."


But now that the label's website is up and running (it went live in mid-April), we've been able to peruse the full range of the inaugural spring and summer 2013 collection -- as well as read the brand's 'manifesto,' which reads as follows:

Sit back. Stare at the ceiling. Stay a while.

We're starting a little movement of nonmovement.

It's easy to join. You don't really have to do anything. Just kick your pants off and let your mind wander.

See what happens while wearing a little less.

Spoon. Cocoon. Tinker. Plot.

Ponder in your underwear. Picasso did.

And it worked out pretty well for him.

The result is a made-in-America assortment of comfy colorful cotton men's and women's underwear, socks, shorts, shirts and robes that range in price from $24 to $154.

The line has its fair share of sleepwear inspiration -- pajama-like piping trim on oversized cotton poplin shirts, shorts with drawstring details and a shrunken version of a women's bathrobe that only drapes as far as the top of the thigh. (Though we're pretty sure that if women had been wandering around Picasso's studio in one of those he wouldn't have gotten anything painted.)

Some of the men's boxer shorts (our favorites are the range of preptastic repp stripe patterns) have fun touches like button closures and a tiny coin pocket tucked near the waistband ("for casual numismatic pursuits" the product description explains.)

The collection also includes a range of T-shirts, babydoll dresses and socks that can be worn out into the world beyond the studio/bedroom/lanai.

The line is currently only available through the label's website, but a company rep tells us Colette in Paris should soon be stocking some pieces from the debut collection and that other bricks-and-mortar retail is expected to follow.