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7 great meatball recipes

Meatballs: classic comfort food, easy and versatile, and enormously fun to eat. Add them to pasta or soups, stuff them in sandwiches or savor them on their own, each one like a miniature meatloaf. Here are seven of our favorite recipes.

Loaded meatballs

In this variation, the meatballs are served with a booze-"loaded" beef-based sauce. Skip the sauce if you'd like a basic marinara, and serve over pasta or tucked into a tender roll for a hearty sandwich.

Grilled lamb meatballs

For a slight twist on this classic, use ground lamb as your base, flavoring the mixture with fresh mint and garlic, cumin and a touch of Aleppo pepper. Stuff the meatballs in tender fig leaves and throw on the grill.

Pearly meatballs (zhen zhu rou wan)

These little walnut-sized meatballs are flavored with savory dried shrimp and mushrooms, and lightened with chopped fresh ginger and crunchy water chestnuts. Serve the steamed meatballs with green onion and a drizzle of sesame oil.

Swedish meatballs with gravy and lingonberry preserves

You don't need to go to IKEA to get your Swedish meatball fix anymore. Give this recipe a try at home alongside dilled noodles and braised sweet-sour red cabbage.

Kibbeh bi'kizabrath (cilantro-tomato soup with Syrian meatballs)

These Syrian meatballs are flavored with a touch of allspice and tender celery leaves, and simmered in a garlic-rich tomato soup finished with fresh cilantro.

Glazed Meatball Bento

Because why not add meatballs to your bento box? These cute little meatballs are dipped in a sweet-sour glaze before packing — you can skewer them if you'd like — for a fun take on the portable lunch.

Cafe Sevilla's albondigas (meatballs)

These are some of the best meatballs we've tried in a long time. Roasted garlic, fresh basil and cilantro, along with dried oregano, Spanish paprika and grated Manchego cheese lend rich, deep flavor to these tender pork-and-beef meatballs. Go ahead and plan to make a double batch — they go quickly.

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