Chinese star Newport Seafood opening in Beverly Hills

San Gabriel’s popular Newport Seafood will be making the big leap to Beverly Hills.

Ranked last year by Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold as one of the 101 best restaurants in Southern California, Newport specializes in Southeast Asian-inflected Cantonese food.

Gold wrote: “When friends stagger back from the San Gabriel Valley mumbling of lobster, lips numb with chile and their hearts filled with glee, they have almost certainly just come from this converted Marie Callender's, where even strong men are defeated by the parade of sautéed pea shoots with garlic, crunchy salt-and-pepper squid and then the gargantuan house-special lobster, five pounds or more, fried with heaps of chile, black pepper and chopped scallion, enough to haunt your fingernails for days.”

The new location will be on La Cienega’s restaurant row, according to Eater website, which broke the story. “No specific location is revealed, although the two potentials over there are the long defunct Xandros or the more recently shuttered Tanzore space.”

A company representative at the restaurant confirmed the opening, but could supply no further information.

Newport has had a peripatetic and confusing history. Also variously called Newport Seafood Tan Cang and Tan Cang Newport Seafood, it started in Santa Ana in 1989, specializing, according to its website, “in Chinese seafood with Vietnamese, Cambodian and Thai influences.” It opened a second restaurant in San Gabriel near its present location in 1996, and then opened in Rowland Heights.

The original Santa Ana store was sold, even though the new owners kept the same name and much of the same menu (the fine print on its website reads “Our location is the first one opened in 1988 and we are not affiliated with any other Tan Cang or Newport Seafood restaurants”).

518 W. Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel, (626) 289-5998; 8441 Colima Rd., Rowland Heights, (626) 839-1239.


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