Everything you need to know about Friday night's Diner en Blanc, the epic wear-all-white dinner party

Diner en Blanc, the everyone-wears-white pop-up dinner, returned to Los Angeles Friday night. If you happened to be anywhere near the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles between 7 p.m. and midnight, you may have noticed about 2,500 people dressed in white gowns and suits, seated in front of tablescapes that would make Martha Stewart proud, devouring cheese boards. 

The first Diner en Blanc was held in France 28 years ago. After much speculation surrounding this year’s Los Angeles location — attendees find out the location only after they arrive by the busload from meeting points around the city — the event ended up just blocks from the location of last year’s dinner at Pershing Square. (The first Diner en Blanc L.A. was in 2013, when hundreds of people closed down Rodeo Drive and the surrounding streets for a massive dinner party.)

This year’s masquerade-themed event brought Cirque du Soleil-style circus performers, who juggled and walked on stilts throughout the evening.

The decorating and setting up of all the dinner tables is left to the guests — you have to bring your own table, chairs and decorations. Last night, tables were adorned with sparkling light fixtures and massive flower arrangements. Flameless candles flickered on almost every table. 

And the food people brought was just as impressive: homemade focaccia and pork tenderloin sandwiches; fancy tomato tarts; what looked like the entire cheese case at Gelson’s and plenty of chocolate-dipped strawberries, made to look like tuxedos, of course. 

Around 10 p.m., after a fairly civilized sit-down dinner, most everyone made their way to the DJ to dance to the Black Eyed Peas and Sir Mix-a-Lot until their feet hurt. 

Check out the images below for more Diner en Blanc highlights: 

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