Wow, new Horse Collar 22-inch kielbasa with beer cheese at Packers stadium

Think you could handle a 22-inch sausage with beer cheese? Green Bay Packers fans can try at Lambeau field

When you're watching your favorite sports team, you need proper fuel. If you're a Green Bay Packers fan catching a game at Lambeau Field this season, that fuel can now come in the form of a 22-inch-long kielbasa. 

The monster sausage is one of the new food items being introduced at the field this season. The 22-inch-long house-made kielbasa, dubbed the Horse Collar ($20), is served in a freshly baked hoagie roll in the shape of a horse shoe. It's then smothered with beer cheese sauce and fried sauerkraut. 

"We were just playing around in the off season and kind of came up with it," said Heath Barbato, executive chef for Lambeau Field vendor Delaware North. "Wisconsin loves sausages and brats and we figured some fans might enjoy that." 

Football fans will know the sausage is named after the now-banned horse collar tackle, which involves grabbing the opening of the jersey and/or shoulder pads on a player's back and pulling the player down. Rather than a 15-yard personal foul penalty, this horse collar will most likely result in more than a few full bellies.

Sure, you could attempt to eat this bad boy alone, but Barbato insists the sausage is made for two. 

Another new item is the Bratchos (You see what they did with the name there?), which involves a bucket of house-made potato chips, beer cheese sauce, fried sauerkraut, pickled jalapenos, sour cream and pieces of Johnsonville bratwurst. Barbato says he slow cooks the bratwurst almost like taco meat ($12). 

"It's pretty much everything we eat here in one bucket," said Barbato. 

And if miraculously you still have room for dessert after your Horse Collar and Bratchos, you can order a new doughnut ice cream sandwich, which launches the first game of the regular season. The sandwich will be available at the club concession level inside, rather than outside of the Frozen Tundra. 

"Just about everything is over 1,000 calories each," said Barbato. "Not big items out in L.A., I'm sure."

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