Grilled-cheese delivery in a high-tech cart promising crispy sandwiches

Grilled cheese delivery? The Melt is making it happen with a new Smart Box for hot, crisp sandwiches

The Melt grilled-cheese chain has announced the launch of a catering service starting this fall that will deliver grilled cheese sandwiches to your front door.

But, we hear you saying, a grilled cheese is something you need to eat fresh, not delivered in a lukewarm lump. The sandwiches should be grabbed straight off the hot pan, the crisp bread glistening with melted butter, the cheese still bubbling.

The Melt says they've got that figured out. To keep the sandwiches hot, crisp and melted, it is using a new delivery vessel called the Smart Box. The box uses special software that balances humidity, heat and air circulation to keep the sandwiches from getting soggy in transit.   

"We want to ensure the best product experience for our guests whether in store, at the office or for any occasion," said Jonathan Kaplan, CEO of the Melt. "We just couldn't find an existing catering delivery solution that could do the job, so we invented one ourselves."

In addition to grilled cheese, customers can also order soup, salads and other items from the Melt's menu. The catering service will be available through 15 of The Melt's locations in California. Visit for a menu and how to order.

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