Dominos launches fried-chicken-nugget pizzas

Dominos may be bored with simple pizza crust. The fast-food chain is taking the whole sauce, cheese and toppings on dough idea and turning it on its head, with a new line of fried-chicken-nugget pizzas. 

It's calling the fried chicken/pizza hybrid Specialty Chicken and describing it on the Dominos website as "our boneless chicken covered in toppings, sauce and cheeses."  We're thinking fried-chicken-nugget pizza sounds more appropriate. 

The new Specialty Chicken is basically 12 chicken nuggets, clumped together in a crust-like row, then smothered in sauce and cheese. It's half pizza, half pre-sauced chicken nuggets. 

Flavors include sweet BBQ bacon, crispy bacon and tomato, spicy jalapeno and pineapple, and classic hot buffalo. 

They're priced at $5.99. 

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