At these cafes, people eat alongside owls. And like it.

Owl cafes are a thing! And they're taking off in Japan. posted an online report Monday about owl cafes accompanied by a series of stunning photos showing the nocturnal creatures in a cafe setting. Some are dozing off, some are snuggling, some are staring back at the patrons staring at them, and, in one case, an owl sits atop a little girl's head.

Animal cafes are all the rage in Asia and part of Europe, with goat cafes, snake cafes, cat cafes and the like. It all inspired a U.S. campaign to bring a cat cafe to Boston. So it's probably not surprising that owl cafes are also finding their fan base.

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What is surprising? Just how darn cute owls are. Yes, I said it: cute. 

That may not be an adjective typically used to describe the fearsome hunters known for their razor-sharp beaks and even sharper talons that they use to swoop down and snatch up unsuspecting prey -- and then tear it to shreds.

Owls come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors, but many share wide, round eyes and tufted feathers about the ears, giving them their wise and all-knowing look.

As you scroll through the photos at, also notice how many also exhibit a gentle and quizzical look, thanks to those very same wide eyes. (Anthropomorphize much?)

You have to admit: pretty darn cute.

Would you enjoy dining among owls?


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