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Wine of the Week: 2010 Rouvre Saint Leger 'Laudun'

Los Angeles Times

The bottle is so dark, I thought at first this was a red Côtes du Rhône until I read "white wine" on the back label. The 2010 Rouvre Saint Leger "Laudun" does have the presence of a rouge. It's 100% Viognier, pale yellow with an extravagant nose of ripe apricot and citrus. Lush and creamy, this is a wine to roll around the tongue, savoring every nuance. It's definitely not shy.

I'd pair it with grilled lobster, seared scallops or mussels steamed in a splash of the same wine. You may have to do a little work to track this one down, but at this price, it's worth it.

Region: Côtes du Rhône Villages

Price: $17 to $19

Style: Lush and full

What it goes with: Lobster, scallops, steamed mussels

Where to find it: Buzz Wine Beer Shop in Los Angeles, (213) 622-2222, buzzwinebeershop.com; Mission Wines in South Pasadena, (626) 403-9463, http://www.missionwines.com; the Wine House in West Los Angeles, (310) 479-3731, http://www.winehouse.com.


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