Top 10 recipes of 1993:

  • Recipe: Minorcan-Style Duck with Green Olives

    Recipe: Minorcan-Style Duck with Green Olives

      Note:This was an instant hit with the tasters in The Times Test Kitchen. The olives help thicken the sauce and flavor the duck spectacularly. The recipe, from "Paula Wolfert's World of Food" (Harper & Row: 1988), is adapted from a Minorcan specialty that uses olives from that island. Wolfert...

  • Recipe: Isaan-Style Grilled Beef Salad

    Recipe: Isaan-Style Grilled Beef Salad

      Note: From northeast Thailand, yums are hearty, volcanic salads of meat or seafood in a bracing, herb-laced chile-lime dressing. They're served at room temperature with drinks and, unlike most savory Thai dishes, they're not eaten with rice. This yum ("yum neua yahng nahm toke" in Thai), from...

  • Recipe: Savory Minced Pork on Pineapple (Mah Haw)

    Recipe: Savory Minced Pork on Pineapple (Mah Haw)

      Note: Another good recipe from our regional Thai food issue--and another from Nancie McDermott's cookbook, "Real Thai." The dish's flavoring paste, or "pesto," of garlic, cilantro root and peppercorns--without the latecomer chile--gives it away as a survivor from the old central Thai palace cuisine....

  • Recipe: Green Chile-Lamb Stew

    Recipe: Green Chile-Lamb Stew

      Note: Some of the best flavors of the cooking of New Mexico show up in this stew. The green chile melts into a smooth, fiery sauce, sweetened by carrots and bolstered by potatoes. For a more intense lamb taste, deeply brown lamb bones and trimmings in a bit of oil, then add chicken stock. Let...

  • Recipe: Barbecue Ribs, Missouri-Style

    Recipe: Barbecue Ribs, Missouri-Style

      Note: In our summer barbecue issue, we called this recipe the ultimate home-made rib. Because the ribs start off with a rub and a slow bake, the meat does not shrink from the bone. What you get are crisp, chewy and satisfyingly spicy ribs. If you like a saucier rib, you can simply brush the ribs...

  • Recipe: Mieng Kwayteow

    Recipe: Mieng Kwayteow

      Note: Pipatpong Israsena, one of this year's Great Home Cooks, learned to cook from his father in Bangkok. And, judging by his recipes, he eats pretty well. For mieng kwayteow, he cuts a sheet of fresh rice noodles into strips and piles them on a plate. Another plate holds thinly sliced pork...

  • Recipe: Chorizos Entomatados

    Recipe: Chorizos Entomatados

      Note: Ana Oviedo, one of this year's Great Home Cooks, simmers Salvadoran chorizos (shorter and plumper than the most common Mexican style, they're available in Latino markets) in a clay pot with tomatoes, onions, chiles and a dash of oregano. She serves them with Salvadoran-style beans, a blend...

  • Recipe: June Blueberry Pie

    Recipe: June Blueberry Pie

      Note: One of our low-fat desserts from summer, this blueberry pie is absolutely irresistible and extraordinarily fresh-tasting. The recipe comes from writer Kathie Jenkins' mother, Ardell Kochevar of Aurora, Minn. If you like to experiment, try other fresh fruits in season, such as raspberries...

  • Recipe: Chocolate Creme Brulee

    Recipe: Chocolate Creme Brulee

      Note: A Culinary SOS reader wanted to recreate the chocolate creme brulee he ate at Pinot in Studio City. We asked chef-owner Joachim Splichal for the recipe and got one of the best desserts we've ever eaten. 1 quart whipping cream 2 cups milk 1 cup granulated sugar 1 vanilla bean 10 egg yolks...

  • Recipe: Tycoon's Gulyas (Magnas Gulyas)

    Recipe: Tycoon's Gulyas (Magnas Gulyas)

      Note: When Gundel's, Hungary's greatest restaurant--it opened in 1910, lasted through two world wars and even survived (barely) under Communism, shuttered less than 10 years--reopened in May of 1992, it reminded the world how elegant Hungarian food could be. This tycoon's gulyas, for instance,...

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