The Top 12 recipes of 1998:

  • Recipe: Steamed corned beef and cabbage

    Recipe: Steamed corned beef and cabbage

      Active Work Time: 15 minutes Total Preparation Time: 3 hours 1 head cabbage 1 (3 1/2-pound) corned beef 1 bunch carrots, tops removed * Remove outer leaves from cabbage and use to line steamer basket. Put corned beef on top of leaves in basket and steam 2 1/2 hours. * Cut cabbage into 6 wedges....

  • Recipe: Salmon in sweet red curry (Panang pla salmon)

    Recipe: Salmon in sweet red curry (Panang pla salmon)

    Note: In August, staff writer Barbara Hansen wrote about Timothy M. Evans, who has two great passions: Thai food and wine. Two years ago he founded the Amador County winery Clos du Lac Cellars with the mission of encouraging wine-lovers to think beyond the usual choices for matching wine with Thai...

  • Recipe: Caramel ice cream sundae with salty peanut caramel sauce

    Recipe: Caramel ice cream sundae with salty peanut caramel sauce

      Note: In our late-summer cover story on ice cream sundaes, Nancy Silverton, co-founder of Los Angeles' Campanile restaurant and La Brea Bakery, gave readers a sense of the thinking that goes into the desserts that make it onto Campanile's menu. She was obsessed, she says, with the combination...

  • Recipe: Michael Roberts' birria

    Recipe: Michael Roberts' birria

      Note: Chef Michael Roberts not only gave readers his philosophy on entertaining in his August party feature, he gave us a great recipe for his version of birria, Mexican goat stew. Here's what he wrote about the dish: "In Mexico, a whole goat is roasted in a pit until tender, then the meat is...

  • Recipe: Asian pear tart

    Recipe: Asian pear tart

    Note: For his September cover story on Asian pears, fruit specialist David Karp asked chef Suzanne Tracht of Jozu in West Hollywood to come up with a recipe that would show off the fruit with the subtle pear taste and the crispness of a firm apple. She came up with a terrific Asian Pear Tart that...

  • Recipe: The Wine Cask cassoulet

    Recipe: The Wine Cask cassoulet

      Note: For our Super Bowl issue nearly a year ago, staff writer Barbara Hansen found a cassoulet so big, as she put it, "we had to bake it in a turkey roaster because no ordinary casserole could handle it." She went on: "It's an incredible dish, rich with duck meat, pancetta, bacon and sausage...

  • Recipe: Smoky peanut mole (Encacahuetado)

    Recipe: Smoky peanut mole (Encacahuetado)

      Note: There were several recipes under consideration for this issue from New York chef Zarela Martinez, who wrote a cover story in March on Mexican sauces. The consensus choice was this Smoky Peanut Mole that Martinez got from Chicago chef Rick Bayless. Bayless serves the sauce over grilled quail,...

  • Recipe: Turkey tonnato sandwich

    Recipe: Turkey tonnato sandwich

      Note: In our July cover package on picnics, Russ Parsons wrote an antipicnic story--he likes his sandwiches indoors, without the sunburns and bug bites. And when you taste one of his favorite sandwiches, turkey tonnato--a California version of the old Italian veal dish from Piedmont, vitello...

  • Recipe: Cinnamon buns

    Recipe: Cinnamon buns

      Note: In early November, baker Amy Pressman told the story of how she achieved "cool mom" status with her son and his friends in part because of her homemade cinnamon buns. Even better, she gave us the recipe. She also provided the following advice: "Instead of the one-hour first rise called...

  • Recipe: Angel food candy (honeycomb candy)

    Recipe: Angel food candy (honeycomb candy)

      Note: Every year we ask readers to send recipes for favorite holiday foods--turkeys or cookies or, this year, candy. C.L. Underwood of Maywood responded with a recipe for Angel Food Candy, also called Honeycomb Candy, which is coated with chocolate. Underwood got the recipe from the magazine...

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