What to do with quark cheese

With a gentle tang similar to yogurt and a texture something like a cross between sour cream and soft ricotta, quark cheese can be used in a variety of recipes, whether you're thinking sweet or savory:

• Use it as you would yogurt, stirring in some granola and fresh fruit for an easy, on-the-go breakfast.

• Spread it over toast or bagels or in between sandwich layers for a little extra tang and richness.

• Dollop it over potatoes or rich pasta dishes, even ragus.

• Lighten it with a little whipped cream and a grating of fresh lemon zest, and use it to fill crepes.

• Use it as a filling for omelets, frittatas or ravioli; quark is used as a filling in certain cheesecakes and strudels.

• After trying my batch, Norbert Wabnig of the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills recommended simply mixing it with a little fresh goat cheese, paprika and chopped chives. It makes a perfect dip or spread.

— Noelle Carter

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