Wine of the Week: 2009 Domaine des Braves 'Regnie'

2009 Domaine des Braves "Régnié"

By all accounts, 2009 is a stupendous year for Beaujolais. Not for the nouveau sort, but for the Beaujolais village and



wines that are made to hold up for more than a season. Domaine des Braves "Regnie" from Paul Cinquin is among the first of the 2009s to show up on the shelves, and it is flat-out delicious. Tasting of lush, dark berries, it shows an exquisite balance of ripeness to acidity and has a wonderful, velvety texture. It's impossible to drink just one glass.

Beaujolais is easygoing and works for lots of foods and occasions. It's just the kind of wine that would go with the rustic food at the Lazy Ox or District. At home, open a bottle or two and grill up some pork sausages or crepinettes of lamb. Break it out for a charcuterie and cheese spread, a roast chicken or chicken fricassee too.




About $18


Earthy and lush

What it goes with:

Grilled sausages, charcuterie, roast chicken, cheeses

Where to find it:

Green Jug in

Woodland Hills

, (818) 887-9463,

; Silverlake Wine in

Los Angeles

, (323) 662-9024,

; the Wine House in

West Los Angeles

, (310) 479-3731,