Wine of the Week: 2009 Muga Rioja Rosado

It's been either muggy and sticky hot, or now just plain hot, and a girl gets thirsty. Come early evening, I'm ready for an apéritif, and this Spanish rosé has become a favorite. Dry and crisp, the Muga rosado carries a scent of wild strawberries and tastes a bit like that too. Graceful and nuanced, this rosé is still gutsy enough to pair with bold flavors.

I've enjoyed it with gazpacho, shrimp in achiote sauce and grilled quail. It's great with guacamole and corn or tortilla soup too. Just what you want in a basic summer wine: versatility.



Rioja, Spain


About $12


Dry and aromatic

What it goes with:

Guacamole, gazpacho, soups, grilled shrimp and poultry dishes

Where to find it:

At many fine wine shops and retailers