Oscars 2016: The workouts celebrities use to get red-carpet ready

The Oscars are here, and that means celebs have long been prepping for the red carpet and all of the head-to-toe, 360-degree scrutiny that comes with it.

How do they do it? Here are some of the workouts favored by people who must look good for a living:


Celebs who've tried it: Oscar winner Marisa Tomei and Kelly Osbourne

What It Is: Joyful dance movements -- with hula hoops

The Inspiration: “I just had a baby, was super overweight, felt sluggish and didn’t feel sexy anymore,” says Hoopnotica CEO and founder Gabbi Rose. She discovered hula-hooping and lost 70 pounds in a year. “You don’t need a trainer or membership, just the ability to love something that gets you out of bed and away from your average routine. It was a such a profound shift for me.”

Cost: About $25 a class

Where: Find classes near you at hoopnotica.com. DVDs also available.

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Celebs who've tried it: Oscar nominee Lady Gaga, and Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato

What It Is: A full-body, indoor cycling workout with a positive, uplifting aura

The inspiration: “We were searching for a workout that was inspiring, challenging, efficient and joyful -- it did not exist so we created it,” says SoulCycle co-founder Julie Rice.

Cost: $30 a class

Where: Find classes near you at soul-cycle.com


Celebs who've tried it: Oscar winner Cuba Gooding, Oscar nominee Hugh Jackman and Kendall Jenner

What It Is: Combines boxing technique with heart-rate-pumping drills.

The Inspiration: “If you conquer boxing you can conquer other things in life,” says Steve Petramale, who has trained Gooding at his Petramale Boxing in Los Angeles.

Cost: Boxing classes are widespread, and prices vary. Petramale charges $22 a class, more for private lessons

Where: Google "boxing classes" and your city and you're sure to find many. Petramale Boxing is at 7416 Beverly Blvd. petramale.com


Celebs who've tried it:: Oscar nominees Sting and Kate Hudson, and Madonna

What It Is: Combines fitness with spiritual nourishment

The Inspiration: “Breath, movement, mind training, clearing and meditation,” says Guru Jagat, founder of Ra Ma Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, who has worked with Hudson.

Class Cost: $15

Where: Kundalini classes are widespread. Find classes at the Ra Ma Institute in Venice at ramayogainstitute.com and at rama-tv.com


Celebs who've tried it:: Oscar winner Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel and Zoe Kravitz

What It Is: Ballet-inspired workout designed to give anyone a dancer's strength, grace and elegant form

The Inspiration: “Making the artistry and athleticism of classical ballet accessible to anyone in a way that is healthy and fun,” says founder Mary Helen Bowers.

Cost: Online classes $35, monthly membership $280

Where: Private and online training via balletbeautiful.com


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Updated at 5:45 p.m.: This story has been updated to remove actress Oliva Wilde’s name, as she does not do Hoopnotica workouts.  

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