Alarm clock-lamp tries to get you on a sleepy wavelength

Fall asleep easier, wake up refreshed.

That's the idea behind the pricey Aura Connected Alarm Clock ($190,, a touch-sensitive bedside lamp that also functions as a radio/alarm clock. Its maker says it offers science, not magic, to facilitate a better night's sleep.

The secret? According to the manufacturer: Harnessing light wavelengths to regulate melatonin, the hormones that orchestrate sleep cycles.

Before rest, users touch the lamp to begin the 20-minute pre-sleep process: The lamp glows red, indicating long light wavelengths to encourage secretion of melatonin, then gradually darkens. In the morning, the light shines blue with shorter wavelengths, decreasing the secretion of melatonin. Think: simulated sunrise.

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Throughout the night, Aura tracks room temperature, decibel levels and available light. This feedback may help create a more soothing sleep environment.

Let's see a rooster do that.

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