For the record

Microsoft Windows: In the Nov. 13 Business section, an article about the departure of Steven Sinofsky as president of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows and Windows Live division said that Sinofsky joined the company in 1994. He joined in 1989. Additionally, the article identified Tami Reller as Microsoft's chief financial officer and chief marketing officer. She is chief financial officer and chief marketing officer of Windows and Windows Live.

Jack Gilbert obituary: The obituary of poet Jack Gilbert in the Nov. 14 LATExtra section said that Gilbert gave his final public reading at the 92nd Street YMCA in New York City. His final reading was at the 92nd Street Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Assn.

Ancient spears: In the Nov. 16 Section A, an article about the discovery of 500,000-year-old stone-tipped spears that were made by ancestors of modern humans said that researchers studied 13 stone artifacts uncovered in South Africa. They examined 210 ancient spear points and point fragments.

Around the Galleries: In the Nov. 16 Calendar section, the Around the Galleries column appeared without a byline. The column was written by Holly Myers.

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