Northridge quake: 20 years later

  • Commuters Will Face Nightmare for Months

    The 10-second earthquake that rocked Southern California early Monday will create a commuting nightmare for months to come, officials said. Portions of one local highway and six freeways--including the Golden State and the Santa Monica--were closed after the quake flattened overpasses and buckled...

  • Thrust Faults Pose Brutal Danger to Basin

    The earthquake that convulsed the San Fernando Valley early Monday demonstrated as brutally as possible the danger posed by a complex web of deeply buried thrust faults underlying the Los Angeles Basin. Seismologists said Monday that dozens of such faults underlay the basin, many unmapped and unknown...

  • Sylmar Jolted by Ghosts of Horror Past

    Beate Heuss had nearly conquered her fear when she felt it again. That's why it was so terrifying. It was happening again. She and her husband, David, were in bed, like the last time. In a mobile home, just like the last time. It was, in fact, the same mobile home, at the same trailer park. "This...

  • 33 Die, Many Hurt in 6.6 Quake

    L.A. Area Freeways Buckle, Buildings Topple

  • Transportation Crippled, Badly Damaged Firms Forced to Close

    The earthquake sent shock waves through Southern California's business community Monday, crippling transportation and communications, damaging factories and idling thousand of workers. Companies in the San Fernando Valley were hit hardest by the magnitude 6.6 quake, with many firms forced to close...

  • A Rush of Fear, and Even the Lucky Are Left Shaken

    Curled up like a frightened baby, Elsie Thull lay on the floor of an elevator in the 21-story New Otani Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles and prayed. Everything was black, except for the incessant blinking of the floor numbers, and the contraption was rattling in the throes of an earthquake that was...

  • At Least 15 Die in Collapsed Apartments

    At the place the huge temblortook its greatest toll, the woman stood vigil by an oak tree, peering into the rubble of what had been her home. For four hours, Hyun Sook Lee stood by the Northridge Meadows apartments, where as many as 40 first-floor apartments collapsed under the weight of the two...

  • Acts of Valor

    From Simple to Supreme

  • Death, Fickle in the Ruins, Takes at Least 33

    It was, as always, the most fickle of catastrophes, bestowing death with nature's cold caprice: Fifteen from a stucco Northridge apartment building. Two from a million-dollar home in Sherman Oaks. One from Skid Row. One from the ranks of the Los Angeles police. Elizabeth Ann Brace, mother of two,...

  • Remembering the Northridge earthquake of 1994

    Remembering the Northridge earthquake of 1994

    On the 20th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake that struck at 4:31 a.m. on Jan. 17, 1994, we take a look back on the devastation.

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