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Thief steals 4-year-old's birthday presents outside Chuck E. Cheese

Happy birthday? Someone steals all of 4-year-old's presents

A 4-year-old's birthday gifts were all stolen outside a Sacramento Chuck E. Cheese.

While Jayden was inside partying with family, friends and a big box of cupcakes on Saturday evening, someone smashed the back window of his uncle's car in the parking lot. Inside were all the boy's presents.

"My son got several gifts, gift cards, presents, I mean it was amazing how much love and support he was shown," said his mom, Natalie Jones.

She was particularly upset about a blanket handmade by a family friend that featured the minions from the "Despicable Me" movie, which was the theme of his party.

"She spent time on making that for him," his mom said, "and now it's gone."

The pizza restaurant apparently has a security guard on duty in the parking lot, but "the ball was dropped," Jayden's father, Rickey Jones, told Fox40.

"It's a kids' establishment," he said. "There should be more protection there."

Fortunately, his parents said, since Jayden is just 4, he doesn't realize his presents are all gone.

"As soon as he got home, all he wanted to do is play with his cousins and friends and stuff," his dad said.

Johnson is a staff writer for Fox40, a Tribune Broadcast property.

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