Deadly albino cobra captured in Thousand Oaks speakssss out on Twitter

The venomous albino monocled cobra that slithered through Thousand Oaks didn't go quietly after being captured Thursday afternoon.

On Twitter, the deadly snake first asked for bail money. Then it complained that animal control officials hadn't read it its Miranda rights, just before tweeting out its prison name.


"Whitey," @AlbinoMonoCobra said.

The cobra has at least three Twitter accounts to its name since it was first spotted Monday after reportedly striking a dog. The snake joined the ranks of other animals with Twitter accounts: Meatball the bear, a Burbank mountain lion and the escaped Bronx Zoo cobra.

"Yes, the Snake has a Twitter account," tweeted . "Probably agent & stylist too."

Even before the snake was trapped, all three accounts were tweeting about the snake's doings. @AlbinoMonoCobra posted a Throwback Thursday photo and complained about the way it was portrayed in the media.

"Don't pick on me," @AlbinoMonoCobra tweeted to the Los Angeles Times. "If you want to see pasty, dangerous and venomous, turn on @meetthepress with @SenJohnMcCain."

@Toakscobra mulled whether to slither into a Starbucks or rent a bike hours before it was cornered near a backyard fence. On Thursday afternoon, the cobra said it was “having a rough day” and claimed it was innocent.

"Not resisting," @Toakscobra said. "#Donttaseme."

@thealbinocobra decided to use its newfound fame to try to compete on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

"Being famous now is a trip!" the account-holder tweeted. "If Lolo Jones drops out, I'm in."

Why did the albino cobra do it?

"I do it all for my hatersssss," @thealbinocobra said.

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