Chickens that lay multicolored eggs stolen from Northern California farm

300 boutique chickens that lay colorful eggs stolen from farm just weeks before Easter

Three hundred boutique chickens that lay multicolored eggs used for Easter were stolen from a farm in Northern California.

Less than two weeks away from Easter, Buddy's Farm says someone stole the incubated chickens from their coops Monday.

The farm expected to have 10 to 12 dozen blue, green and chocolate brown eggs, as well as regular earth-toned eggs in time for Easter.

Now, the farm is offering a $250 reward pleading for the public’s help in finding the homegrown birds.

“We know it's a longshot, but we also know that we have a great community. We ask that you bear with us during our recovery phase,” the farm said.

The unique birds have distinctive features -- some of which are feathers ranging from black to multi-colored; blue, black, gray, green or olive-colored legs; and others have beards.

The birds are valued at $100 each, which includes incubation, organic food, supplies and lighting costs.

“This is a devastating blow to our family as it will take another complete season to get back to where we were.,” the farm said. “We appreciate any and all help.”

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