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Coroner digging up backyard in search of woman missing since 1978

A 35-year-old missing persons case in Glendora has been narrowed to a backyard in the 500 block of Essex Street.

Authorities are digging there in hopes of finding the remains of Wendy Byron, who disappeared in August 1978.

“It just always seemed odd to have somebody that had disappeared and you didn’t know what happened,” neighbor Maggie Green told KTLA on Thursday.

Byron’s husband, Robert, was a suspect at the time but he was never arrested or charged, KTLA reported.

“He talked about it some, but not very often,” Green recalled. “And he didn’t know why, didn’t know what had happened.”

Byron, who was 24, was last seen Aug. 26, 1978. Her car was later found at the Ontario airport.

The L.A. County coroner’s office is assisting in the search, KTLA reported. Robert Byron lived in the home on Essex Street until 1989 but has since moved.


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