A to-do in a West Hollywood hotel room sends pepper spray into the hall

Couple's dispute in West Hollywood ends in sheriff's investigation

A couple's dispute inside a West Hollywood hotel room led to a sheriff's investigation after one pepper-sprayed the other and the spray wafted into the hall, authorities said.

Deputies and firefighters responded to the spraying at the Mondrian hotel on Sunset Boulevard shortly after 5 a.m., said Lt. Edward Ramirez of the West Hollywood sheriff's station. 

"It was enough pepper spray to contaminate the entire room and the hallway," Ramirez said. "I don't know exactly where the person was sprayed, but suffice to say it was on their body." 

One person involved in the incident was a guest at the hotel, according to the hotel's front desk. 

The spray contaminated a number of rooms on the 11th floor as well as the hallway, Ramirez said. The fire department responded to air out the floor and detectives were looking into the incident to determine if a crime had occurred. 

It's unclear who sprayed whom, authorities said. Deputies were trying to interview the woman involved, but she had left the hotel, Ramirez said. As of Tuesday afternoon, no arrests had been made and the reason for the pepper spraying remained unclear, officials said. 

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