In Silver Lake, it's a peeve when dog owners don't scoop as they leave

Dog owners in Silver Lake are apparently so lazy when it comes to picking up after their pups that the Department of Recreation and Parks Board of Commissioners has commissioned new “dog etiquette” signs for the community's dog park.

Eastsider LA reports Councilman Mitch O’Farrell’s office sponsored a contest to design the new posts. They include a Rosie the Riveter-inspired “We poop it! You scoop it!” It’s unknown when the signs will make their way to the dog park near the Silver Lake Reservoir.

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-- Is there such a thing as living the good life while on death row? Convicted murderer Scott Peterson appears to be living in rather “cushy” conditions up at San Quentin. While some inmates spend 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, Peterson is out playing basketball shirtless. He was convicted of killing his pregnant wife in 2004. SF Gate

-- Death row inmates in California are rarely put to death. They’re more likely to die of natural causes, which is what happened to Teofilo Medina Jr. He died Sunday at age 70. He was sentenced to death for killing three gas station and convenience store clerks during a series of 1984 robberies. Associated Press

-- In Los Angeles, there’s a debate over whether the LAPD’s old headquarters should be preserved as a landmark. One member of the Cultural Heritage Commission says yes. “If we destroy that history, future generations will discount it, they won’t understand it,” said Gail Kennard. KCRW

-- Police in the Bay Area shot three suspects within eight hours over the weekend. In Vallejo, a suspect was shot after he refused to drop a knife. Police believed he had a gun, though they later discovered the gun was a fake. In the man’s car, however, was a note apologizing to the police for “causing them to end his life.” SFist

-- When they first hit the market, electronic cigarettes were marketed as a way for smokers to slowly wean themselves off traditional tobacco. But in new PSAs, the state Public Health Department warns there are unknown dangers to smoking e-cigarettes. Furthermore, health officials are concerned that e-cigarettes will be a gateway for teenagers to become smokers. KPCC

-- A 56-year-old woman from Irvine has completed the Iditarod in Alaska. Cindy Abbott, finished in 13 days, 11 hours, 19 minutes, 51 seconds. Fairbanks Daily-News Miner

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